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The Almighty Percy/Nico List

Most of my visitors looooooove the Percy/Nico. So here’s my collection of Percy/Nico amazingness. ♥

Last updated 10.30.2013~

Personal Favorites

broken boy soldier

Family Dinner

solace in scattered breadcrumbs

Other Lists and Percy/Nico Resources

Nico-related Percy Jackson and the Olympians Recs


Percy/Nico on AO3

One Shots

All the Difference in the World – Percy’s coming out to people… even though he’s been dating Nico for months. (What Percy is going through is a very real thing. It’s funny, but the piece is also very true.)

All Those Blank Spaces – It’s Percy’s birthday and he wants Nico to tell him a story.

(Awful at being) Subtle – Rachel swears on Apollo that Percy better go talk to Nico… (Rachel is not the queen of subtle.)

Be Prepared – Percy/Nico/Luke – The boys go camping. A game of “I Never” quickly evolves. Smut. (Holy shit…) (Journal closed.)

Breaking the Ice – Percy’s trying to get Nico to open up a bit.

broken boy soldier – Percy can’t let go (Adult material and very sad… also requires at least two readings) *** A personal favorite

Butterflies Drink of the Dew of Your Thighs – Nico as transgender.

Chemistry – Nico’s got a science project to do, but Percy’s horny. [pwp]

Corner of Your Heart – You shouldn’t have said those words. (Kinda weird. very abstract – doesn’t need to be Percy and Nico…)

Family Dinner – Percy and Nico have their family over for dinner. (One of the best Percy/Nico fics out there) *** A personal favorite

Goth 101 – Percy is tired of stalking girls and decides he wants to be more like Nico.

Heartstrings -”In which Nico is threatened, and Percy has groupies, and someone plays the piano.”

In the Loop – When, exactly, did Nico fall so out of the loop?

In Which Nico is Awesome and Percy is a Plumber – A trailer. (Just go with it.)

Just Let the Water Win – A fluffy afternoon in the life of Percy/Nico. [smut] (Smutty fluff. I wasn’t aware something like this could be pulled off so well. It’s… light, I guess. Fluffy, but yet we still get smut. It gets the characterization done well~)

The Last Cry in Hades (Not Guilty) – I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s a series of clips showing interactions between Nico and Percy, and a developing relationship. It’s really poetic and has deeper meanings that I didn’t really get on my first read-through. It’s worth another read – that’s for sure. :)

Let Me Be Your Armor – A giant ice monster is attacking, and so the demigods go to fight. And when Nico collapses in the snow and is like, frozen… obviously, Percy must warm him up. Lips work well, right? (I feel like I need to see Troy now. :))

Mistletoe – Percy’s having a Christmas party… (Not really Percy/Nico, but close enough :D) (Deleted.)

The Mythos of Beer – Percy & Nico get drunk.

Off Limits – Nico’s realized how he feels. Too bad he’s just unlucky.

old casettes and cigarettes – Percy really likes fucking Nico, and likes the other times too. He’s not sure why, but he’s sure he likes it. (I like the ending)

One Fell Swoop – It’s always a disconcerting feeling, when something very safe, and sure, something you would have relied on forever, ups and leaves. Sort like when you miss a step going downstairs, and your stomach swoops, and you wonder how you could’ve missed it. (Stole the FFN summary because I like it ♥) (A cute little ficlet where Nico figures out what he wants…)

Percy Jackson and The Olympians, The Heart Thief – Nico comes back injured.

Perfectly Possible – Percy wants to think, and Nico wants to talk.

playing pass the parcel with human body parts (someone might get head but someone might get hurt) – Once a cheater, always a cheater, right? (Percy/Luke which I don’t really care for BUT then comes Nico! :D hawt ♥)

Only One Leads to You – There are plenty of doors in life.

Sakura Blushes – Nico’s blushes don’t really appear with his skin tone, but Percy’s sure do…

Samson – Nico knows that Percy isn’t in love with Annabeth, and never was. So when he vanishes…

Sink or Swim – Nico doesn’t know how to swim. Tomorrow is water polo day. Who to ask? Durr. (Not really Percy/Nico, but it’s got the feeling ;p)

solace in scattered breadcrumbs – After the battle, Percy is broken… (A most interesting character study.) *** A personal favorite

Sometimes, My Life Just Sucks – Percy is always in a mess. This time, yet again, it’s because of Nico. (Not fully Percy/Nico, but it’s still cute ♥)

Sports Enthused – Percy’s got a crush! (Very good writing)

Stop Thinking – Nico’s going into high school… and Percy is Annabeth’s puppy dog.

the afterlife, sponsored by red bull – Everyone knows about the Gods now, but it doesn’t quite matter cuz Percy’s dead. (It took me awhile to get this…) (Journal closed.)

the one where percy and nico are on a boat – After nearly blowing up half of America, Percy isn’t really welcome anywhere. So he leaves on a boat. Nico comes. [smut] (This could be a movie. With a very sexy climax scene. :3) (Journal closed.)

This Treaty of Inviolable Friendship – In which Nico tries to be romantic and Percy is impatient. :) (Cute Valentine’s piece ♥)

Trying Something New – Percy is noting something different about Nico… (Awww. ♥)

wear my kiss – Aphrodite’s fucking curse… mwah [smut] (HOT) (Journal closed.)

you ran me into the ground – “He doesn’t remember kissing Percy afterwards, soft and apologetic. (AUish)

4:42 am – Nico’s home late (Sickeningly sweet.)

Chaptered Stories

Too Strong a God – On Percy’s birthday, Nico appears at the window with a few things in mind. One, a way to defeat the titans. Two, that he likes Percy. As in likes. And maybe Percy will agree with both ideas. [complete-chaptered] (There are two sequels – The Age of Heros and The Ties that Bind, which is still in progress) (I do plan on reviewing this proper soon)

Kiss a Boy in Tokyo Town – Olympus has moved to Japan, and Percy and CHB have gone with. One day, Nico appears in Percy’s room, and in the midst of showing off the country to Nico, Percy finds that maybe it’s not Annabeth that he’s looking to show everything too.(Super cute <3) Break Myself – Percy isn’t doing so hot after the whole prophesy thing went down. And Nico has his own unique problems to contend with. [inprogress-chaptered] (It’s cute. And has turnedon!Nico ♥)

Not to Be – One sided love just doesn’t work out. [complete]

The Water-Bearer – “There’s this look on his face, like he doesn’t expect Percy to know the name – or, rather, that he’d be amused if he does.” [complete-oneshot] (Percy/Nico PREslash, and it focuses on another couple all together, but the Percy/Nico scene is beyond cute ♥)
–> sequel: Immortality
–> by same author, so maybe related?: Cohabitation

Remove Tag Before Washing (and Other Addenda to Growing Up) – Percy/Nico/Annabeth – Each relationship has it’s basis in something. This fic is an exploration of three separate relationships, and how they work together [sequel is linked] (the format makes this one awesome. it makes it work)

The Long Red Road – A Percy/Nico story set in a Western setting. Instead of Gods, we have the owner of the water, the timber, and the mines… [inprogress] (Interesting concept… oO Just started)

Heat – A collection of short stories detailing a P/N relationship. [inprogress] (I went into this not so sure. I am left really liking it. Especially chapter 3. It goes beyond the two characters we have here and extends to everyone…)

A Very Percy Christmas – Nico’s invited over to Percy’s for Christmas. But it’s not just wrapped presents that Percy wants to give… [inprogress] (I didn’t really like it, but it’s not bad, so I’m including it.)

LOVE – Both Nico and Percy are famous singers. They’re also best friend rivals. [inprogress] (Slow updating… but an interesting character set-up.)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Percy’s Seven Virtues (And How Nico Corrupted Them) & Nico’s Five Seven Worst Qualities (And Why They Make Percy Love Him More) – Companion pieces. The titles kinda describe it well. (*_*)

The Five Times Someone Felt Left Out (And How They Were All Rectified with Kisses) – Title says it all. Not pure Percy/Nico… includes Annabeth and Rachel in various instances. [series] (This is a kinda sexy piece. ♥)

The Blackness – Nico won’t talk, even though he’s super moody and all Percy wants to do is help. [chaptered] (Hawt)


Just short little things, only a few hundred – if that – words! Got the title and author. :) Or, in the case of the meme, just the prompt.

(titleless) by grabi_hands
behind your veil i found the body underneath by soxdamnxcute
percy/nico, bein’ all domestic and shit
Nico/Percy, “would you come for me if I died?”

Anonymous Kink Meme

These are NSFW. They all have anon authors, and I’ve included the title and the prompt. They’re short, so you know. If no title, I just link the prompt~

Rough – Percy/Nico, against the wall
Want Your Love (Revenge) – Percy/Nico, Masochism
Percy/Nico, Nico tops
Nico/Percy, UST & masturabation
Nico/Percy, please?
The Oldest Sins, Newest Ways – Percy/Nico “No, Lord Hades, I did not copulate with your daughter on your throne.”
Thanks for the Punishment – Percy/Nico: In which Percy punishes Nico for everything he’s done and Nico thanks him for it.


Of angels by Akosynne.
Photo Machine by 4everFreedom.
PercyxNico by stardragon16.
Half-Blood Christmas by KreamaSuzuki.
Percy and Nico by KreamaSuzuki.
I need to tell you… by stardragon16.


Break Myself – A comic adaption of the fanfic. (Linked above)

Fan Mixes

A fanmix is a… well, fan-made mix CD. :-)

A Divine Rhapsody, put together by despairsvanity.


This section is gonna be devoted to brotherly fics that I find and think are kyuuuute ♥~

Asking Out Annabeth – Percy wants to ask out Annabeth and recruits Nico to help. (Nico’s hilarious)

Happy Birthday From Nico – Nico + Red Bull…! (:D)


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