Oct 27

Cassandra Clare

So, awhile back I was at Target and I decided to pick up Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones on a whim. Over the next… week or so? I dunno if it was even that long, I read all three books in the trilogy, and really enjoyed them.

Well, I’m doing my normal browsing around (Today’s process involved a French Percy Jackson website, which had something about The Mortal Instruments, so I googled that and then I looked up movie info and then….) I find out she’s making the trilogy into a four book series!!!!!!! What the?!

Apparently, the fourth book – City of Fallen Angels – is due out March 11, 2011, and will be focusing on Simon. Which, I must admit… I’m not too impressed by. I didn’t much care for Simon’s character in the initial three books and now having a book centered around him… well, that may be one that I won’t pick up. Like how I’m not so sure I’ll be picking up her new trilogy – The Infernal Devices – since it centers on Magnus. It was Clary and, later on, Jace that really got me into the stories. Simon was always a rather hated side character, and I would have been perfectly fine if he had been cut from the series. The fact that he gets vampire-ized makes me wonder if it was piggybacked off of Twilight at all… but Twilight came in 2005, and I have a feeling that most of the trilogy was complete by that time. (Bones in 2004, Ashes in 2005, and Glass in 2006, and iirc, he goes vampire in Ashes)

Anyways, I may or may not pick it up. I’ll have to keep an eye on things to see if it’ll still focus on Clary/Jace (oh, I want to say sooooo much about them but I need to reread and make a BIG spoiler warning! XD)

I will, however, be catching the midnight release of the movie when it comes up! Yet another movie that I have to keep my eyes out for ;o; Now if only they’d make Truesight into one…..

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