Oct 14

Creepy ghost love story

Okay, so I am a big fan of ghost stories. The Haunting is one of my favorite TV Shows, and if you can mix a ghost into a story, I’ll be a reader. Don’t you worry. (I’m also a werewolf/vampire fan – supernatural ftw)

Today, I came across, sadly, the start of a story. It’s not been updated since June, but the author has about a million other stories going on. It’s called “Dream Lover”

Young Donnie and his friends have taken it upon themselves to experiment with the exhilarating practice of ‘lucid dreaming’! Controlling their subconscious dreams and thoughts, creating a world of their own by building an interactive fantasy in their own minds! BUT…when Donnie begins dreaming repeatedly about a cute teen boy that loves him with his whole heart….is the boy just a figment of his imagination? Or has their little experiment somehow crossed a spiritual line…into a world that they know nothing about? What happens when your dreams are more real than you’re prepared to deal with?

It starts out light hearted and funny, and progresses into something that’s riveting and keeps you reading the words quicker than your brain can comprehend them. Donnie is a likable character who no one believes, and they all think he’s just turned his fantasy into a creepy dream.

It is awesome, and I’m hoping for another chapter to come soon. It has the potential to even end with a total of 5 chapters or so, so it’s not like it’s huge. But man, it’s quite an interesting pull.

You can read it here, and I gotta admit I’m a little worried about going to sleep myself!!

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