Nov 29

Birthday :o

So on Thursday, (in the middle of the all the drama…) I turned 21! Woo.

Here’s a run down of what I ended up getting… :-)

From my BFF Priscilla, I got Cirque du Freak books 7 and 8… and 7 is beyond awesome. Well, not so much the book (I’m growing a little tired of his narrative style) So then, why is it awesome? Because it’s defective… chapters 7, 8, 9, and 10 aren’t there in their entirety… and I have multiple copies of the prologue, and chapters 1-3. Haha. It’s sweet.

(I bought myself a new copy that had the story… so I know what happens)

She also got me this uber cute little giraffe. (I collect them)

From my sister Kaitlyn, I got this giraffe made from a nickel. She took jewelry this semester, and it’s amazing. :D It’s also really awesome, because she had to put her initials in it, to get a grade, right? Well, with the way that light works, it looks like a < and a 3. :D <3 From my parents, I got a $50 gift card for SuperAmerica. (Gas station, dunno if it’s local or bigger?) And then a $20 gift card to Caribou (a local coffee shop that I enjoy ♥) They were stapled (the card holders, not the actual cards) to a HUGE giraffe plush. He’s like, a super fat large child size. o.o; I shall put him in my car. Anddddddd that’s pretty much it. Big 21st, eh? XD I got a bunch of Facebook messages and a card from my grandfather, so it’s still cool. ♥ …and I have yet to get drunk. :’( Need time off to get drunk. There is an open shift on Monday… and I kinda want it… but that’d also be a chance to get drunk…. hmm :-)

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