Jan 19

Two more translations, Percy/Nico update

So I dunno why but I am ttly in a translating mood tonight (well, today I guess… it’s 4:30am)

I translated two more of the HSM:ED songs, Actuar, Bailar, Cantar and El Verano Terminó.

I also updated the Percy/Nico list with 3 more stories that I found on ffn ♥ It’s also been renamed “A List of Percy/Nico Love” but I’ve left the url the same for those that possibly bookmarked it.

I also did some general housekeeping around the blog… I updated the book I’m reading, got rid of the NaNo thing and took the silly TweetMeme thingy off some of the pages (I have to use a custom field, whatever the fuck that is)

But I think that’s about it. There’s a poll on Shamisen about Bieber’s Baby. Lemme know whatcha think. I’ll leave you with some Bieber here.

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