Jun 04

So, Jason…

Jason. I like that name. I also like Piper and Leo. (Oddly, I just read a Harry Potter fanfic that had a “Piper” in it)

What I DON’T like is how Rick left us hanging at the end of the two preview chapters.

What am I talking about? Oh, you don’t know?

The Heroes of Olympus – The Lost Hero has two preview chapters posted here. Password, my dears, is newhero. (I’m guessing the Lost Hero is Jason?)

Beware the ending. Because it’s making me go ARRGH.

(And sadly, there is no Nico…)


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  1. Eric

    No Nico? D:

    1. Greg

      No, no Nico. :( At least not in the preview.

      1. Eric

        There’s still hope! He may appear at some point in the book, or some other point in the series.

  2. Priscilla

    Is the book out yet? And Nico will probably make an appearance…or you can just write your own version with Nico in it! :P

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