Aug 04

Another stellar single

So, Devon, congrats on releasing Sparks Will Fly. It’s an absolutely stellar song. :) I bought it the day it came out (and have since deleted the recording I made from your ReverbNation account. ♥)

He’s done a couple live performances, so I thought I’d link my fans to them:

If you’re interested, both of them came with an interview. And interestingly enough, I actually learned stuff from both interviews, which I then used on the Wikipedia page that I’ve basically taken over. :p

On the ClevverTV one, he talks about the third single – late this summer – which will be called One More Day. It features Daniel Curtis Lee rapping. *sigh* I hope we get a rap-free version… oh well.

And the KDTV one has him talking about the future. He doesn’t talk much about One More Day, but he does talk about how the eventual plans are going to be for an EP, which will then evolve into an album. And he has 45 (!) songs already done. Wow…..

He’s really shooting off. Here’s to hoping that we can get the full EP sometime this year. :) And wouldn’t it be cool if we actually got to hear all 45 of the songs someday?! I mean, we already have 16 of them (according to my CD of Devon Werkheiser recorded recorded songs :3) and there are a couple others that have appeared on YouTube and such… it’s all good, ya know?

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