Aug 04

Love Me got a video?!

Awhile back, I can’t even remember when, but Justin hinted that Love Me would be getting a video. For being one of the best received songs of the CD, I was surprised that it hadn’t.

Well, we finally got it. It isn’t a full video like one might expect coming from the likes of Justin Bieber, but instead, it’s more like a homemade little thing. Incredibly cute, though, I might add. Lots of little candid shots of him… kinda works as a “Behind the Scenes of Music” deal. And the “Love me, love me, say that you love me…” is definitely pointed towards his adoring fans, who continue to make him trend. (Most recent has been Bustin Drew Jieber to my knowledge)

Anyways, here’s the video. It made me smile, if nothing else. Still one of his best songs, in my opinion. Now if only we’d get a video for Up

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