Sep 25

Darkeness Approaches

Well, at least in the Septimus Heap world! Book 6 is due out April 8th, and we finally have the synopsis for it, thanks to the Official Septimus Heap Blog.

In the Darkely fantastic penultimate book of this internationally bestselling series, Septimus and his friends find themselves attempting the impossible as Septimus begins his initiation into Darke Week.

Septimus is on the threshold of his fourteenth birthday, which falls on the shortest day of the year. While everyone celebrates and the Castle is lit with traditional candles, Septimus has greater concerns on his mind. He has finally reached the period in his Apprenticeship known as Darke Week. During this crucial time, he hopes to undertake the very dangerous mission of restoring Alther from Banishment, following the attempted invasion of the Castle of Syren. But while this preoccupies him, other Darke things are afoot in the Castle.

How exciting is this? I can not wait for Darke! I have to note here that Half-Blood Prince is my favorite (by far) Harry Potter book, and Battle of the Labyrinth is my favorite Percy book… I guess I have a thing for penultimate books. So… that means that I am extremely excited for this, because it’ll likely be my favorite book. ♥

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  1. Priscilla Schneider

    Yay!! Confused by the description though…

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