Sep 20

So it looks like DATS will be illegal for a bit

Hmm. So it looks like DATS will be illegal for a bit.

XenForo, which I plan on converting DATS to, won’t be released until the first week of October. However, my vB plan ends in about 4 days. =o= And since I don’t plan on buying both

You can read about it here.

I need to keep an eye on it though, so that I can get the 24 hour deal. $40 off! O_O

I have to say that I’m eagerly looking forward to it. vB is kinda clunky and it’s starting to get on my nerves. Yeah, I’ll lose some of the fun stuff (bye bye blogs, ajax thread thing, etc….) but we’ll be getting a brilliant new software. So here’s to hoping it works well!

And god, I am not looking forward to that conversion.


  1. megumi

    What are the chances of the conversion breaking everything?

    No AJAX thread thing? Oh well….

    1. Greg

      It should go really smoothly. The coders used to work at vB. They coded what we use now about 10 years ago. xP

      But I’ll keep a back-up of the vB stuff, just in case.

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