Oct 15

Justin continues to say “Never”

So, since his movie is gonna be called “Never Say Never”… does that mean we might get a version of the song without the little kid raping?

Poster for the movie’s pretty cool, I have to say. You can see it here on JJJ. Purple. ♥

Oddly enough that’s the only notable thing that Bieber has done in the past few days, at least since I last posted. He revealed the poster over Twitter but I was kinda out of it, so didn’t really follow it. >__>

So, will you be going to see it?

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  1. Priscilla Schneider

    Oh dear. A movie now? Whatever next? So will Justin Bieber be starring himself? Or will someone else be portraying Justin’s life or whatever this is gonna be? Maybe the movie is really just a collection of all his music videos.

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