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So I feel like making a personal blog. DEAL WITH IT. :-)

I am in my second (third, if you count summer) semester at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. And I am enjoying this far more than I did last semester. To recap…

CJ222 – News Writing & Reporting (C+)
The professor was a bitch. She was about as hardass on us as you can be, and wouldn’t move for anything. Couple this with really stupid assignments, and you have a major turn off. When I went into this class, I was a Print Journalism major. When I finished this class, I finished my stint in journalism.

Lat101 – Beginning Latin (B+)
Best class of my semester. The language is enthralling, if difficult, and I love languages. The professor is hilarious, and he keeps us on our toes. Yes, there was a lot of work – but GASP – I learned something. There is nothing cooler than looking at something in Latin and having a guess at what it means. :) Carpe diem! “Diem” is an accusative noun, meaning “day” – accusative puts it as kinda a direct object. “Carpe” is the command version of the verb “carpere” which means to “seize”… so “Seize the day!” ;D

Psyc 378 – Psychology of Language (B)
Zzzz. She was… nice enough, and the material, interesting enough. But the presentation of it was zzz uh zzz oh, right, trying to stay…zzzz
The entire semester, I think I managed to stay awake the entire class period (only an hour and 15 minutes!) ONCE. And only once…

Span 202 – Intermediate Spanish II (B)
Uh. Prof was kinda… meh. She was nice enough, but she was late pretty much every day (Class was scheduled to start at 8am, we would normally start by like 8:10…) and didn’t really talk to us much in Spanish. Most of our lessons were in English, and we would have discussions in English. Granted, she went over the material, but I don’t feel as though I pulled very much out of it.

…and so that brings us to this semester!

Thea 101 – Introduction to Theatre (MWF 9:00-9:50)
So it’s taught by this rather cute guy in this decripit old art room. It’s a very bleh room. The material is pretty bleh too, but it’s easy. So far we’ve just been going over basics of what makes theatre theatre, which isn’t all that exciting. We have to read one play a week and take quizzes on it, with questions that you actually have to pay attention to to get. =o= I got 12/20 on the first one. This is likely my least favorite class.

Span 301 – Advanced Composition (MWF 10:00-10:50)
So, in my last Spanish class, she really never talked to us in Spanish. The COMPLETE opposite here. O_O The class is entirely in Spanish, and I feel as though I’ve learned more this semester (two weeks in!) than I did all of last semester. We’ve just been going over the basics right now of review, but instead of it being “This is this, so do it.” she gives us reasons of WHY to do it. Like when we went over the present tense, she had a list of times that you DO use it, and why. It was like “:O” and we’re all amazed.

And it’s so nice, being taught in Spanish. I can already tell you I will be much better at it by the end of the semester.

Engl 210 – Introduction to Texts (TR 3:30-5:45)
My midday/night class. Ergh. This is one that I am still not sure on. At first, it seemed really interesting. I was going to have an ENGLISH CLASS again :-D I was super excited. However…

Well, we’re doing a lot of the same stuff over and over. Granted, it’s practice for an assignment, but it’s getting repetitive. Our current unit is “Anecdotes” so she’s having us tell our groups (more on that in a bit) stories, and then we write them down! =o= For Tuesday, we have to have a 3 page anecdote. It’s starting to feel more like an Introduction to Storytelling. =\

And as for the groups… we completely demolish the room at the beginning of class and set it up in a weird semi-circle. There are 6 groups of 4 people, and we sit in clusters. There is a lot “Okay, face your groups and tell stories.” and then “Turn around and face the front.” and “Face your group and tell another story :D” And so on…

Each class we’ve also had to do a “reading response”… she has yet to really say what she wants in them, so I’ve just been writing my thoughts. And I get a checkmark… but yet she doesn’t grade them? I am confused.

So the class could go either way. It’s the first English major/minor class that you have to take, so that’s why I’m taking in. :) Annnnnd it has eye candy in it. ;D

Engl 221 – The English Language (TR 11:00-12:15)
A… linguistics class. It is kinda between “Oooh.” and “Ehhh.” right now. I’m assuming we’ll get more interesting as we go in! :) Over the past week, we learned the English sounds in the IPA, and we have a test on that come Tuesday. Eeeeep. But it’s cool, I’ll do fine :)

We’re also in teams for this class, but it’s not as silly as for my other English.

Lat 102 – Beginning Latin II (MTWR 1:00-1:50)
Save the best for last, right? <3 We had two sections last semester, and we've joined together this time. Waters (the prof) is SO much fun, and we're just chugging along. I sit in a corner, and around me are people that I kinda knew from my section last semester. We've ended up joining up as a team-like thing, and every time we do group work, we work together and we own it. Our translations are like A+ quality, yo. Though I still think we should use fuckwad at some point. Hehehe.

We’re also doing “Latin Study Group” Wednesdays after class. We’ve done it once and it was kinda fun. So we’ll see if that continues. :)

Yep, that’s my schedule so far. So if I were to sum it up, I would have to order my classes in such a fashion:
1) Latin
2) Spanish
3) Linguistics
4) Intro to Texts
5) Theatre

3/4/5 could kinda be swapped around, depending on the day. Theatre is a 100 level class and shows it. Very little to do. But then again, my Intro to Texts is a 5 credit course, and it’s beginning to rear it’s ugly head as well. So as the days go on, they’ll flip around, I’m sure. But Spanish and Latin? GOD do I love ‘em <3 So. Yeah, I ain’t got nothing more. And I have to pick up my #1 Stalker (according to a recent facebook app) Priscilla in a few minutes anyways…

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    Very enlightening… Sounds like you’re having a much better semester. :D

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