Mar 09

Who says you’re not perfect?

Well, if that isn’t the question.

In her new single, Selena addresses the matter. You can hear the song (one of her better ones, I have to say) here.

I should take a moment and say yeah, I don’t listen to the best music. I don’t listen to the stuff that’ll last through ages. I mean, come on, my playlist features mainly Bieber, Devon Werkheiser, Gaga, and the new Britney Spears song. I’ve had a couple of Selena’s songs on there too. But you know what? I can’t say I really care.

Music is something that appeals to different people in different way. Some like voices – I’ll listen to anything by Alex Band because his voice amazes me. Some like styles – who can deny the beat that reverberates through Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance? Some like personality – I think Greyson Chance has an amazing personality, and that makes him worth following. Yeah, he’s jumping on the Bieber bandwagon (little boys ftw) but he has a GOOD voice, and if you watch him in videos, he’s a bubbly, GOOD kid. He’s doing it because he wants to.

I feel the same way about Disney singers. Sure, Mitchel Musso doesn’t have an amazing voice. In fact, it’s rather cringe worthy – but he’s going out there, even with that HUGE stigma against Disney singers, and putting out a couple albums. They deserve to be listened to.

And sometimes, the lyrics far outweigh any bad voices. I’m not a big fan of the music style of Born this Way, but the lyrics are amazing. Same with a number of Musso’s songs – the voice is “Eh” but the lyrics. :D I can relate to them. Like The In Crowd. I’ve always been a bit of a loner, and that’s why I enjoy the song.

Because I can relate.

So yeah, just basically a rant here about how a person’s music choices really doesn’t say much about them, but at the same time, it says a LOT. My two sisters listen to some weird ass shit, but that’s because they’re weird ass kids. They listen to what appeals to THEM, what THEY like – not what other people like. And so it just PISSES ME OFF when people talk bad about others because they listen to Disney singers, or to Bieber. It’s like hair style. Yeah, it might be butt-ass ugly to you, but to me… hey, I like it. So bug off.

I transcribed the lyrics for Who Says. You can read them here, and instead of just scoffing at who it is – read them. Can you relate?

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  1. Priscilla

    Hey, I rather like Selena’s new song. And a very interesting and thoughtful rant there. :) Yay, you wrote out the lyrics! Makes it a lot easier to fully listen to the song. :P

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