May 09

I still can’t decide

…if I should do Linguistics or Creative Writing. It’s far too hard. ;_; I love them both. I suppose I’ll figure it out next semester, when I’m taking the 300-level courses for both. Ahhhh!

Today I did stuff for both tho. :O I had an essay for Linguistics that’s due tomorrow. If by some odd reason, you want to read it, you can here.

But for Creative Writing… well, I’ve been doing some thinking.

Remember my FAIL (notice the caps) attempt at coming up with a sequel story for Ryan and Brandon, and how it just WASN’T working? Well, I may have solved it: I’m not gonna pressure myself into making it a story. I seem to have problems with *stories*, but not so much *short* stories. Sooo… it’s just gonna be a bunch of short stories.

It’s been retitled too, from “A Creepy Anthology” to “Those Awkward Moments” as I feel that fits it better. The four chapters from ACA were freshened up a bit, and inducted into TAM. And the one two-parter that took me a year and a half to write? Well, I combined them together. :P So you have the full story of Justin, all in one. Oh yeah, go me.

AND (yes, that’s not all!) I also wrote a new one for it, to commemorate the change. Actually, it’s what prompted the change, and you’ll see the reasoning behind the name in this story, but I thought it was ~aww~ and so I had to write it. When the inspiration comes, it comes, ya know? You can see the new portal for TAM here. The new one is the first one – it’s actually a DIRECT sequel off of Just Creepy, and happens like, 30 seconds later. =O

And I also ~finally~ added two stories that I’ve had done for ~ages~ and just never posted.

Just Beyond Your Sight is a het (!) gooey-gooey story that I actually wrote for class. See it for more details.

Airplane House is a little unique project. The idea came from something Caleb (this guy in my class who is beyond awesome – amazing poet, too. If you’re nice, I’ll link you to his stuff) kinda said off-handedly. But I think it turned out pretty good. It’s a little macabre, and not as fluffy as most of my recent stuff tends to be, but it’s a cool piece.

And it got much fanfare when I posted it on Facebook. Huh.

I think that’s it for now. *yawn

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