Apr 22

Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

Book Read: March 24, 2012
Review Written: March 25, 2012
Review to be Posted: April 22, 2012

So, I’ve been reading some Galleys again, and the first one I picked (though this review won’t be published for a month… urgh) is Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen. It’s due to be released May 22, 2012 and you can see the pre-order link in to the little box to the side.

In some ways, I suggest hitting that Pre-order button NOW and in others say DO NOT TOUCH.

Within the first few chapters, any readers of Cassie Clare’s City of ___ series will note some similarities. I’m sure there’s also shared ideas between a number of YA fantasy books, but this is one that I particularly like and was reminded of… anyways, continuing on.

It’s written in first person, and our narrator is Sam. That’s short for Samantha, not Samuel, btw. She’s a plain and rather boring girl. Short and just there. You know the type. She has a friend named Carly (I couldn’t help but imagine Miranda Cosgrove, though Carly isn’t described at all like her… haha) who is just as much of a nobody.

The story kicks off when Stephen, Sam’s OMG SO HOT crush, takes her upstairs and asks if she wants him to kiss her – dur, of course. He does, and it’s kinda weird… and then he leaves her there. After passing out (quite the kiss, eh?) she heads home and that’s when she runs into crazy homeless(?) boy who calls himself Bishop. And as soon as she touches him, he’s no longer crazy.

He’s the first of a crew of angels (and demons) who are in Trinity (the town) to stop the spread of a disease – humans who have had their souls sucked out by a kiss. They’re called grays – and Sam is one.

They gotta stop this. To do so, Bishop needs to find his team – a task which he needs Sam for. And Sam needs to find out how to get her soul back. Because she’s kinda not liking this hunger that’s building up inside of her. And it’s not just for food. She wants some soul on the side.

So what’s the good and the bad?

The good… it’s an interesting story and once I got past how I felt like I was reading more Cassie Clare (I keep wanting to call Sam, Clary) I got really into it. I read the entire thing during the two three hour bus rides I had yesterday. I really liked the characters – the interaction between the Head Angel and Head Demon is fun. There is a lot of development to come with those two.

The bad… I feel like I know what’s going to happen. Like I said, it read like a Cassie Clare. So I’m wondering if Bishop/Sam are going to end up as siblings. ~(x-x~)

Also… IT IS THE FIRST OF A SERIES. So now I have to wait for the next flippin’ book to come out!!! Ahhhhh.

So yes, I’d suggest getting it. But I might also suggest waiting until the series is finished, so you’re not stuck hanging. That’s one of the reasons I’ve refused to read any of the new Cassie Clare books. (I haven’t read Clockwork Angel or City of Fallen Souls because I don’t want to have to wait!)

Rating… 4/5

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