May 14


As is well known, I am currently (almost done!) studying in Spain. Well, our capstone project was a long paper, written (obviously) entirely in Spanish.

I did mine on the first novels in Spain, and how they developed. It was titled “The Birth of the Novel”. I wrote it kinda strangely, because I wanted to try and make it original. I wrote it ~kinda~ like a story itself. The headings of the paper were called “Prologue” and “Chapter 1″ and “Epilogue” and stuff… and it was kinda fun.

My prologue was written in verse (read: a poem) because prose (and thus the novel) was a step further down the line than verse… eh, I dunno. It was kinda fun to write, if nothing else.


Anyways, I was in McDonald’s in Paris (Don’t laugh) and I checked my e-mail and I got this:

Hola, Greg:
Ya he terminado de corregir todos los trabajos.
Me alegra decirte que tu nota es 10.
Además de la originalidad del tema, la originalidad al presentar el trabajo han hecho que sea muy fácil de leer.
El contenido está muy bien: has desarrollado el tema de forma estupenda y muy bien redactado.
Bueno, espero que esto te anime a seguir con la creatividad y la
Un saludo, Monse.
Hi Greg:
I’ve finished correcting all the papers.
I’m happy to tell you that your grade is 10.
In addition to the originality of the theme, the originality of the presentation made it really easy to read.
The content was really good: you developed the topic stupendously and very well written.
Great, I hope that this will encourage you to continue with the creativity and literature.
Salutations, Monse


10, by the way, is the highest possible, and apparently supposed to be really hard to get.


My day was MADE! :)

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