Jun 26

Big rearrangement of the blog

So, I once again have rearranged a number of things on the blog.

You’ll notice that “Songfics” is now gone… and merged into “Original Stories” which has been renamed “Short Stories”.

There is a link for Falling/en Leaves, which is my collection of works from the previous fall that I have been tirelessly working on. It’s entirely based out of Google Docs, so now if I make any changes, they will be updated live everywhere.

All of the stories/poems from that set have also been added to the respective story/poem pages, and those pages are also based off of Google Docs. It makes my organization so much easier, and it’s easier to keep up with any changes. +_+

It also looks cool.

More pages will be updated to the wider width at some point too, I think.

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