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  1. Greg

    You’re too sickly looking to be in any porn I bet

  2. Greg

    Unless people have a death-warmed-over fetish

  3. Prostitution would be having standards.

  4. Oh please, I am a 109lb heffa. I gained 4lbs this year.

  5. 5’7, so it makes me like BMI 18 or something.

  6. Greg

    I’m just ~so turned on~ right now

  7. Your sarcasm is blatant.

  8. Greg

    as it’s meant to be

  9. ×

    has greggers lost weight in 2013? is he 100bs yet? is he 150lbs?

  10. ×

    or do you have a food/eating fetish? :P

  11. Greg

    you don’t know my weight? you’ve stalked me so well but don’t know my weight

  12. google giveth me no answers, so nope i knoweth not ye weight. :(

  13. I do know you’re bigger than you were a decade ago :’(

  14. Greg

    haha. i have scanned in my drivers license at one point

  15. Greg

    tell you what – i’ll give you my weight if you give me a picture :)

  16. Greg

    (and you need not worry, i’m not 200 pounds or anything)

  17. You have to give me an STD in exchange for that.

  18. Greg

    i have no std to give :(

  19. Oh, but Greg is a virgin. ☾ http://bit.ly/QiXdd4

  20. You’re also white too, lmao.

  21. Greg

    wtf is that.

  22. Greg

    and you’re white toooooo soooo


  24. You have no proof of such things. :)

  25. Godzealia Banks, your queen. I tried to get you listen to her like 10 months ago bb

  26. http://bit.ly/NFs48d I gave head for a week or two
    Went so long he was shocked like a Pikachu

  27. Greg

    i still have that one picture of you

  28. Greg

    i bet you’re actually some loser who’s never even touched another person’s dick/vag/boobs and wants to be all black whore online

  29. LMAO

  30. cacklin @ that cumming from you.

  31. Greg

    i’m honest about my lack of experience… and i think you’re full of it

  32. I am white as fuck online, child.

  33. Greg

    you’re a romantic at heart, and everyone you’ve ever gone for has turned you down

  34. LMAO sure

  35. Greg

    so you act like you’re the biggest whore on the planet, but in reality, you’re just a sad little boy who gets himself of every night to his own imaginary hook-ups

  36. holy fuck i dead laughing

  37. I am a boy now? YESS FUCK YESS

  38. If you equate the math and the men, I have had sex over 6,000 times. Which seems like a fuck ton, but over 10 years is not a lot.

  39. Especially when I was 14 and going 5 a day.

  40. And I am far from ~romantic at heart~, I hate the human race. lmao

  41. Oh greggers, you think you know me but you obv don’t. omg cackling

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