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Oct 24

Percy/Nico in House of Hades

So I just finished House of Hades.

Four years ago, I called it.

Percy/Nico OTP 4ever.

I will be updating the LIST soon.


The Cupid scene made my heart break a little lot. I feel so bad for Nico. :( Need some fanfic to mend my heart.

Feb 28

All Time Low

This is a low kick to the nuts.

Since I have started this blog (yes, STARTED) I have had 3,000 more visits to the Percy/Nico page than I have had to the homepage.




Feb 27

Want some Percy/Nico?

Well, I’ve got some. I spent the better part of the night going through, livejournal… trying to catch up on all the Percy/Nico that I’ve missed!

You can view the full update here. =D

I haven’t had a chance to go through pjo_xchange yet, so there are probably MOAR Percy/Nico to add, but that’ll have to wait.

I also want to toss out that Only One Leads to You is my favorite story from the update. I’m a huge fan of the abstract-type of stories, and that just made me squee inside.

And for your reading pleasure, a few Jake/Logan fics. :D

And please, make the author of this story continue! :( Was very interesting read until it ENDED…

Sep 30

Fandom Stuff!

So, a few quick fandom things, since I know everyone noone cares about the stuff I post. :)

To celebrate the release of The Lost Hero, MortalNet is giving away some stuff.
MortalNet will be giving away signed hardcover copies of The Red Pyramid, paperback copies of The Lightning Thief or an audio copy of The Last Olympian to lucky winners.
Cool, eh?

In the spirit of Percy, I came across this blog post (which also links to my Percy/Nico list ♥) and they have a foreign cover(?) of one of the books! It’s also a review of the series.
If you use Google Translate to translate the page, it’s kinda funny. :) Google thinks that Nico is Nick! O_O
But the cover is cool enough to look at the page :)

There’s been a lot of talk, I guess, about one of Nick’s new shows – Zevo 3 – and how it’s basically a half-hour ad for Sketchers. I dunno, but looking at the trailer, I have to agree with Nick’s side – I didn’t even NOTICE Sketcher’s stuff plastered all over. Not nearly as bad as Nike in You Again. =o=

And for you HP fans, there are some great posters out right now encouraging people to read. (No, I’m not talking about the awesome HP7 posters) There is one for each of the trio, and they’re holding different books. You can read about it on this tweet.

I wanna win one, but they’re gonna do tomorrow’s contest while I’m at work. :’(

Sep 02

Updates to the list (only art)

Sorry, but only art updates this time. But it’s a whole new section! :)

Will try and get fics updated in the next week or so. Life = @_@, at least until Monday…

Click the dancing Neko!Nico to get to the list. Dancing Kitty Nico is from Yoru-Tsukiyomi666.

Neko Nico

And while not Percy/Nico, I found this photo manip pretty cool. The kid reminds me of Freddie Highmore~ never thought of Freddie as a Nico, but it could be doable, I suppose.

Aug 27

Percy Graphic Novel

For those that haven’t already seen, you can read a couple pages of the upcoming Percy Jackson novel on the website.

Well, not really a few pages, since this is a “lost scene” and won’t be in the actual book….

Anyways, I continue to be not-so-impressed with the art. I guess maybe I just don’t care for western graphic novel art in general… and it doesn’t help that Percy looks like 18. -_- Even older than Logan.

Interesting tho how they followed the book’s character descriptions, but the movie’s age…

And on the second page, first panel… god do they look fat.

Aug 04

Da list… updated!

So it’s only been like, a season since I last updated the list. But nonetheless, it has been done! I added a bunch of new stories, so enjoy them. :)

You can find the list here.

Jul 25

Covers of books!

Old news, but good ole Cassie Clare has finally given a date for the release of the cover for City of Fallen Angels. December 2010.

The covers are some of the best part of this series… gorgeous pieces of art. I can’t wait to have Clockwork Angel on my bookshelf. ♥

You can see a cool “preview” cover here :-)

And then there is the UK/Australian cover for The Lost Hero. A really… ugly picture, in my opinion. Haha. You can see it here. The US cover is much better looking.

Jun 17

Re: bad script

I know, I know, post spam today, but whatever. I’m actually feeling like going through my 3420438 tabs and actually talking about some that I’ve kept up. :P

Apparently some kids sent Craig (the screenwriter for the PJO movie) a bunch of nasty letters about HOW BAD THE MOVIE WAS… and he replied. With a nine page letter.

Read more here @ cabinthree.

Jun 04

So, Jason…

Jason. I like that name. I also like Piper and Leo. (Oddly, I just read a Harry Potter fanfic that had a “Piper” in it)

What I DON’T like is how Rick left us hanging at the end of the two preview chapters.

What am I talking about? Oh, you don’t know?

The Heroes of Olympus – The Lost Hero has two preview chapters posted here. Password, my dears, is newhero. (I’m guessing the Lost Hero is Jason?)

Beware the ending. Because it’s making me go ARRGH.

(And sadly, there is no Nico…)

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