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Feb 13

Happy Valentine’s Day

So I went to my mailbox today and I saw a pink envelope in it. I got SUPER surprised and excited!


And then I chuckled, because of the ~girly~ handwriting. I thought it was from one of my little sisters!


But look! It’s from Albany, NY! I wonder who on earth?


Let’s see what Nellie thinks!


I think she approves! :) Now let’s look inside.





(Happy Valentine’s to everyone else too :))

Oct 27

La poesia

Durante este semestre, yo estoy estudiando y escribiendo poesia. Que divertido. -_-;

Erm, in English: During this semester, I am studying and writing poetry. How fun. -_-;

Every other week, we have to write a poem. And I’ve done that. Plus a few others… like the first week, I wrote two sonnets. One was just me messing around, and the other I turned in… and this week, we had to write either a pantoum or a sestina, and I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I actually did both. My pantoum made its way around the room, so we’ll see what people think…

I added all of these to the poetry work bench page, as well as mucked around with it [a lot]. I’ve decided to do the Google docs deal, at least for poetry now, and have thusly converted all my poetry to that, and added the iFrames to the posts. It looks ~brilliant~. But if you’re lazy, here’s the new stuff (which has been for class)

Lift Off
How high in the sky can your little wings fly?

Crickle, Crackle
Crickle, crackle, I flare up in the night

Sick Day
The stars begin to exit just as you leave

Do you feel it now? The lick of the wind

Twilight Rain
Kiss me in the falling rain

So I heard Superman’s going bankrupt
So, I heard you could fly

Another thing – I changed all of the “summaries” to the first lines of the poem. The summaries were dumb… except a few, which I ended up keeping. :P
Urgh. I have to write a free verse poem in the style of Frank O’Hara for next time. URGH I tell you, URGH.

Oct 22

Google Docs

So, I’ve always had an issue with uploading my stuff online. I end up with multiple versions across multiple sites and it bugs me majorly. I’ve tried remote hosting stuff on like, LiveJournal but that never worked out great.


So, I’ve got something new here I want to try. Can I get some feedback on what people think of it? To test, here’s two pieces that I have written for classes:


Lift Off (a poem)

The Importance of Vacuuming (a story)


My issue is that, at least with the story, the linewraps aren’t within the style. -____-;; so you have to scroll for every line.


Suggestions would be welcome :)

Feb 19

Video for Baby!

Yes yes yes yes the video for Baby is finally out :-D

Yes yes yes yes HE HAS PURPLE SHOES.

Feb 14

Played with the site more

So instead of doing something useful, like maybe writing more of my story, I played around with the site. I probably will write more in the next few weeks, as my hours have been drastically cut. In the newest schedule, I only got 12 :’( Which is a HUGE drop from the 40 I worked last week.

Oh well.

Anyways, I added a shoutbox. Not that anyone will ever use it except me :P I also changed the countdown from Percy movie to Justin Bieber’s new CD :-D

I’ve also added a page about hosting here. I don’t do much, but hey, if it brings a few bucks to my pocket, sure, I’ll share the server.

Speaking of the server – Wikimon is back up! And we have a MUCH more powerful processor now, plus 4GB of ram! We are looking pretty damn sweet now :D

And Ryan (Yeah, that Ryan) has his own blog thing going now. You can see it here. We’ll see if he does anything with it… he paid for the domain, not me. xD But I am hosting him. ♥

Here are some shirts I want, linked to where you can buy them for me. ♥

DATS Image Upload

DATS Image Upload

Aren’t they both hot? ♥

Anyways, that’s about it for today. Spam the shoutbox, buy me t-shirts, and buy hosting from me. That’s the moral of today.

Or if all else fails, BUY ME JUSTIN’S NEW CD. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Jan 26

My Life Isn’t Average

Not really, no. So I read a lot of MLIA. Here are some of my favs.

Today I learned that my older sister talked for me until i was about four. So much that my parents were afraid that i couldn’t talk. The thing she said that most? “Ryan wants a cookie.” I’m glad she understood. MLIA

Today, my brother walked into the lounge room after having a shower to complain about the new conditioner my mum had bought and said “Mum, this conditioner is making my hair straight!” Without even looking up from his paper, my dad goes, “shame it didn’t work on the rest of you then…” MLIA.

One day I was in my lit class when my teacher was talking about getting remarried if she ever found the right guy…. I thought that this would be the perfect time for a joke, so I walked up to her desk and told her, “My dad is single.” My dad is now engaged to my lit teacher. MLIA

Yesterday, in my pre-calc honors class, my gay friend asked a question. After explaining the answer, the teacher said “Are you straight?” simply meaning if he understood it or not. The entire class was trying to hide their laughter for 5 minutes. MLIA.

Not really favs, just ones I liked and kept open in tabs. ♥

Dec 09

Awesome ghey texts

So I love places like MLIA, FML, IMMD, and TFLN. Here’s some fun ghey tflns.

(412): When my options for Friday night are being a 3rd wheel or bringing a gay man as my date i need to focus on other things in life like having a successful career.
- tfln
That would be kinda sad.

(951): my girlfriends now gay ex-boyfriend kissed me. tell maddie i can’t hangout today
- tfln
I like this idea.

(917): I’m not really sure actually. until I fell in love with a boy (which was just a few weeks ago) I thought my attraction to men was purely physical.
(201): so you were gay…and then you realized you were EVEN MORE gay
- tfln
How cute ♥

(313): Every time there’s an awkward silence a gay baby is born
- tfln
This should be my slogan for life. I want a t-shirt.

(718): Every time I hang out with your gay friend, I have to make a checklist of words to look up when I get home. First Google of the night? “Power bottom.”
- tfln
I had to google that myself. Mmmmmm.

(515): i told him i was gay. he said that gay guys are supposed to be pretty.
- tfln

(415): If only Ben were 51% gay instead of 49%
- tfln
Remove “Ben” and insert just about every name under the sun. :’( Except Paul. He’s 110% ghey.

(951): I did that thing again where I get way too drunk and go gay. Then wake up in the morning and freak out at the person. Yet another bar I cannot go back to
- tfln
lol, I’d like to meet this guy.

(312): Disadvantage of being gay….. my gag reflexes makes trying to make myself throw up extremely difficult.
- tfln
This shouldn’t be funny. But is. Very much so. XD

(770): if i found out she had a dick after i got head, does that still make me gay?
- tfln

(919): he wanted to have me eat skittles off of his body. he mad gay sex even gayer.
- tfln
Oh. My. God. *_*

(801): You know I’m really starting to enjoy being everyones first gay experience
- tfln
…hehehehehehe ;D First timer ftw.

Nov 03

Halloween Costume of Nico!

So… Nico is my favorite character in Percy Jackson.

And thus I fanboy squeel at this.

Oct 23

How to find this blog

Apparently, people find it by asking what happens in Syren and when googling for “Percy/Nico”

I am amused.

Oct 03

Dan Brown Win

This is beyond win.

For those of you who can’t wait another moment for Dan Brown’s next blockbuster, Slate has your fix: an interactive Dan Brown plot generator that takes a city and a shadowy organization and spits out the plot of the next volume in the Robert Langdon chronicles. You can either select a specific city and/or group from the dropdown menus at the top of the tool or leave it on “random” and let the computer decide. Make sure to hit “refresh”—even the same city and group have multiple story lines.

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