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Mar 20


So, earlier, Jedi_Amara sent me an e-mail saying that she was dropping out of the server.

Well, I guess that doesn’t make a big deal – but it does get me thinking even more seriously about something.

Do I really need a dedicated server anymore?

Initially, it was grabbed basically for fansubbing purposes. Over at DATS, we used it quite a bit. Hell, we still have probably close to 100GB worth of fansub shit on the server. Well, the group is dead. I’m in school, Ryan’s gonna be in school soon… it’s kinda a moot point.

What I basically use the server for, now:
1) This blog / rest of the random stuff on my aRM domain (old websites, etc.)
2) Wikimon
3) Golden Sun Universe
4) DATS forums

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. So I should be theoretically able to drop down to a VPS, or something. Something that won’t cost me at least $55 a month.

I dunno :s Webhosting is so expensive, and I feel like I’m putting out so much and not getting anything in return. I’m only $30 into my next Google Ads… :(

Feb 14

Played with the site more

So instead of doing something useful, like maybe writing more of my story, I played around with the site. I probably will write more in the next few weeks, as my hours have been drastically cut. In the newest schedule, I only got 12 :’( Which is a HUGE drop from the 40 I worked last week.

Oh well.

Anyways, I added a shoutbox. Not that anyone will ever use it except me :P I also changed the countdown from Percy movie to Justin Bieber’s new CD :-D

I’ve also added a page about hosting here. I don’t do much, but hey, if it brings a few bucks to my pocket, sure, I’ll share the server.

Speaking of the server – Wikimon is back up! And we have a MUCH more powerful processor now, plus 4GB of ram! We are looking pretty damn sweet now :D

And Ryan (Yeah, that Ryan) has his own blog thing going now. You can see it here. We’ll see if he does anything with it… he paid for the domain, not me. xD But I am hosting him. ♥

Here are some shirts I want, linked to where you can buy them for me. ♥

DATS Image Upload

DATS Image Upload

Aren’t they both hot? ♥

Anyways, that’s about it for today. Spam the shoutbox, buy me t-shirts, and buy hosting from me. That’s the moral of today.

Or if all else fails, BUY ME JUSTIN’S NEW CD. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Feb 02

All Around Update

In some respects, it’s been a very eventful day. In others, not so much.

Percy fandom is pretty dead right now – just people posting stills from the revamped website. Like we can’t visit it ourselves… -.-

BUT, there is a new website that seems to have popped up – Half Blood Web which looks promising. I’ll be keeping an eye on it. Also, it appears that Percy Quest has been revamped since I last checked it out…

Okay, list time… I just found a bunch of Percy sites.
Percy Jackson Wikia
Blue Trident (I knew about this one)
Demi God Lair
Percy Jackson Source
Child of the Prophecy
I have to wonder why there are so many Percy Jackson websites, but no Magyk? T_T

Anyways, for those in the US, Borders currently has a thing going on where you get this nifty Percy Jackson patch if you buy $10 worth of Percy Stuff. Otherwise, it’s $2.99. I bought it :)

As well as this nifty little Percy keychain. Using my 33% off coupon, I only had to pay $7.51 for the two of them! Not bad :D

Moving on from Percy.

DATS Image Upload


Yesssssss. I’m not a huge fan of the picture (he really isn’t all that cute, despite what people say) but it HAS PURPLE. <3 I need to preorder it. Or you can for me. Just ask for my address and you can have them send it right to me. :)


And finally, the second chapter in A Creepy Anthology. Took forever to post due to JA borking server. :)

Oct 29

Greg is slightly annoyed

So the server that we’re on has been having some problems lately, and since I’m very rarely around (unless you count me being up until 4am reading fanfic – yes mother, I know you’re reading this as I type) I don’t notice when it goes down. So I decided to fork out the cash for server monitoring. Well, apparently around 12 hours ago they got an alert that the server wasn’t responding.

And apparently, nothing else happened. Grrr.
We got the http alert around 12 hours back, and which immediately followed by recovery alert. But haven’t got any alerts in last couple of hours. Realizing it as an fault at our end, I am escalating this ticket to our senior administrator to see whether there is anything wrong with our monitoring systems. Also we didn’t had the root password to your servers, till this moment to investigate the reason for the alert also.

But at least it’s fixed (obviously) and back online. I really do like these guys :) They’re super friendly to idiots like me. And by golly, they know their stuff.