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Mar 23

Updates in the red moon world

Hey there. If you’re by chance interested, I’ve been very seriously working on stuff lately. (No joke, really)


Well, for one, I cleaned some stuff up. You’ll notice that the “me” section was consolidated into one page, which also got refreshed. Has current info on it now~ :O

I also got rid of the sandbox… because, well, I know that stuff. ;) That was there so I could remember the One Direction boys. Well, I have no issue with that now. >__> Haha.

The music section will also slowly disappear, as I complete more and more over at aRM Music. Eventually, that should *all* be hosted over there… we’ll see how that goes.

In future news, I am going on Spring Break starting on Wednesday, and I’ve downloaded a lot of books to my Kindle to read when I’m on it. Since I will be spending a lot of time on trains and buses and whatnot, I’ll have plenty of time to read.

And what type of books? Galleys! Remember way back when (like, last year) when I did that review of I Am Tama, Lucky Cat? Well, it’s the same service and I’ve got a number of novels that I’ve got set-up.

- The City’s Son
- The Goddess Test
- Dark Kiss
- I am (not) the Walrus
- Brook Street Fortune Teller
- The Paladin Prophesy
- A Boy and a Bear in a Boat
- Scarlett Dedd
- Burn
- Fitz
- On the Day I Died
- Happy Families
- The Wednesdays
- Zero

They’re a huge mix of genres, so it should be interesting to see what I like of the mix. I sadly can’t post reviews until 2 weeks before their release, so some of these might have to wait to have a review posted until November. Oo; Others I can do as soon as I read them.

So we’ll see

aRM Music

The newest member of the aRM family, it’s something I’ve had on the backburn forever and ever and ever. I never liked having lyrics here – this is supposed to be my blog… but I needed somewhere to put them. Well, with this site… I have it! I’m still in process of building it, but it’s got a pretty good backend, and I’ve done a good amount of content for it.

This is also proving to be my play toy. I’m learning quite a bit. For instance, I learned how to add Facebook comments. How nifty is that? I know, most people don’t care… but I’m learning!

I’m also making it more and more dynamic. Like, for instance, I have a basic news system. :O Nifty, eh? I know. My current project is making a paginated archive for the news. I’ve got the basics… kinda done. But not really.


The other “new” member of the family, it also falls under the DATS family. (Technically, it is a “DATS” site, but meh. DATS is mine and therefore DigiDisc is mine too)

This one is pretty much the same as aRM music, except with a lot less… detail? I dunno. I haven’t all decided what to put in this site. Right now, I’m just working on getting the actual CDs taken care of. Which I’m enlisting the assistance of the people at DATS to help with. Megumi’s done a few and Ryan did… 1. lol.

This is also gonna host downloads at some point. Just gotta get around to downloading and uploading everything. -o-


Nothing’s been happening at DATS, really. It’s just the silly Pages that get any attention. I’m enlisting pawitp to try and integrate DigiDisc with the forum, so we’ll see how well that goes. ;)

Also, today I finally replaced all the XenForo banners with DATS ones. Yay~

The Magykal Network

Still working on the basics… but it’s so pretty. <3 I think I’m going to steal the aRM Music news system once I finish it. It’ll be a good use of it.

I’m also considering, if the site were to get popular at all, to use the DATS forum for it… but I dunno how well that would go over with the DATS crew. :\

Or, with the fansubbing stuff, how that would work… bleh. :( I love XenForo but DATS really doesn’t seem worth it. xxxxxx




See, I’ve been busy. :D

Jul 31


Ehhhh this has been a weird month.

I’ve been working quite a bit, and it’s ~killing~ me. But I got a mini vacation the other day when I went out to see Greyson Chance in concert again :D I recorded two of the songs he did, you can see them on my YouTube account.


But other than that, I haven’t really been doing too much. I recently reread the entire Septimus Heap series, and have really, REALLY been itching to work on The Magykal Network… but haven’t had much luck in the layout department. I tried mucking around with the GRN layout, but it didn’t really seem to work. I need to ponder on how to do the navigation.


I did, however, work a bit on GRN last night. AMAZING, right? It’s been absolutely forever (two years…) since I’ve done anything on there. I made a new style, and updated the Caption pic. >_> Not much, but hey. I also updated the sidebars, getting rid of all the dead affiliates and stuff.


Today I worked on the Snowpig weather page. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t feel bad. :P It’s a weather page… basically for my family. We’re kinda spread out during the school year, existing in 4 different places at any given time, so we have all it together. You can see it here, if you’re interested.

Also, since I recently got myself a new phone (with 3G :D) I made a mobile version of it for myself. Haha, I’m that absurd. But hey, it’s nice to have a smaller version when you’re under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and driving down the highway~~


I still haven’t done much more with that half-done chapter for that random story I am writing. I had the oddest dream regarding it though, where I was making it an actual book, and it was kinda cool.

Just Creepy was the first chapter, and then the rest of the little stories I’ve been doing were there, and they had Polaroids put in, so it kinda looked like a scrapbook. I was taking pictures of the guys for it and it was awkward, cuz they knew what the story was +O+~


Oh well. I work 6 to close tonight.
Greyson’s CD comes out on Tuesday. <3<3<3<3

Mar 20


So, earlier, Jedi_Amara sent me an e-mail saying that she was dropping out of the server.

Well, I guess that doesn’t make a big deal – but it does get me thinking even more seriously about something.

Do I really need a dedicated server anymore?

Initially, it was grabbed basically for fansubbing purposes. Over at DATS, we used it quite a bit. Hell, we still have probably close to 100GB worth of fansub shit on the server. Well, the group is dead. I’m in school, Ryan’s gonna be in school soon… it’s kinda a moot point.

What I basically use the server for, now:
1) This blog / rest of the random stuff on my aRM domain (old websites, etc.)
2) Wikimon
3) Golden Sun Universe
4) DATS forums

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. So I should be theoretically able to drop down to a VPS, or something. Something that won’t cost me at least $55 a month.

I dunno :s Webhosting is so expensive, and I feel like I’m putting out so much and not getting anything in return. I’m only $30 into my next Google Ads… :(

Mar 09

Bieber Volume & Shamisen Subs

Just to let everyone know, in case you were looking for them, both domains have expired, and I have no intent on renewing them.

They were fun while they lasted… now if only QC would finish that layout for :)

Maybe she would be more likely to if I sent her the box of stuff…

Sep 20

So it looks like DATS will be illegal for a bit

Hmm. So it looks like DATS will be illegal for a bit.

XenForo, which I plan on converting DATS to, won’t be released until the first week of October. However, my vB plan ends in about 4 days. =o= And since I don’t plan on buying both

You can read about it here.

I need to keep an eye on it though, so that I can get the 24 hour deal. $40 off! O_O

I have to say that I’m eagerly looking forward to it. vB is kinda clunky and it’s starting to get on my nerves. Yeah, I’ll lose some of the fun stuff (bye bye blogs, ajax thread thing, etc….) but we’ll be getting a brilliant new software. So here’s to hoping it works well!

And god, I am not looking forward to that conversion.

Nov 16

Old websites…

Just some old websites that are online again :-D

I don’t think they work, since the code I used to use doesn’t work with PHP5… only 4. :-(

Maybe someday I’ll get the ambition to make them usable again :-)

The Blue Card, a Digimon fansite.
Kree, a website for my irc bot. :p
Guardian Chronicles, a CLAMPish website that Ali did all the work for and I barely ever touched :-/
Broken Dreams, a Takato fansite.
FreeFMA, a Fullmetal Alchemist website.

Not up anywhere right now is PokeVillage and JKaizer.Net, which I should see if I have back-ups of anywhere… I’d like to set them all up on subdomains, and make them navigatable again, maybe even try and update them a bit. xD Brotherhood is out for FmA, TBC still says Savers is airing in Japan, the OVAs were never mentioned on GC, and I don’t think I ever did much beyond the layout for BD. xD!

Oh, and of course, there are my current ones, and if I get the time, I think I’ll add all of these guys to it. ^^; I hate seeing them die~ :(

Oct 26

DATS Image Uploader updates

As you may or may not have noticed, all the images on the blog here are uploaded to – this is my personal (and well, rest of the DATS people use it sometimes too) image uploader.

It works pretty much like tinypic or imageshack or whatever, except that… well, I host it. :P And it requires the most secure thing ever – a PASSWORD!

Anyways, I spent some time and prettified it up. Now it has the DATS logo on it, and it also prints out a code, so that when I use it here on the blog (or anywhere else, I guess) I don’t have to type that out manually. Laziness ftw, I guess. :)

I did some other stuff, I guess, like making the title a link and adding more margin + a top border, but nothing really big. It’s just making it look a bit better, and a bit more useful. I can’t really think of anything else I could do with it. xD

I’m still waiting for QC to finish up my layout… I wonder how she’s doing…

Also, for anyone following that Percy/Nico epic, chapter 9 has come out for the third story. I finally got around to reading it today! :)

Jun 19

Did moar work

What the title says. I did moar work. Songfics are moved. Just Me & Sociology pages have shit on ‘em now. And apparently this theme puts pretty frames around all images.

Good? Bad? I dunno.

It’s 4:30. Maybe I won’t dream now.