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Feb 24

More homework

We had more homework today. :-D This time, I ended up writing another riddle-like poem.

I entitled it Coming of the Cool, and you should tell me if you can guess what it is :-D

Feb 15

Happy St. Bieber Day!

Hey everyone. Hope you had a very happy St. Bieber day.

To celebrate Valentine’s St. Bieber’s day, I wrote a story! The title makes no sense, but I couldn’t figure out a title, so I just stole it from the first line I wrote. Cool Fish Only is now up for viewing!

And that anecdote I wrote about a couple posts back? I decided to post it up at the same time, and you can see it by clicking the oddly inspirational title: In Which I Cut My Wrist, But Not Suicidally

Hope you enjoy ‘em both :-)

Feb 07

So, I might have stuff to post soon

o_O So, tonight for class I had to write an anecdote AND a poem.


We’re gonna go over the anecdotes in class tomorrow and get peer feedback, so I’ll wait to post those. However… I did post the poem here.

It’s… bleh. I don’t like poetry. D:

I also changed my currently reading to House on Mango Street. If I ever write a novel, I would like it to be similar in style. I am adoring the style. <3 Could y’all imagine my writing style like that? =D

Feb 03

Busy day for me

So I went on a mini-roadtrip to Duluth today… it’s a bigger town about 3 hours away. GORGEOUS area. Lake Superior is absolutely breathtaking.

Anyways, then I came home and did fansubbing. Finished up Haruhi-chan 01 for Shamisen, and then did episode 2 for QC. Sent out a memo to the encoder to please fix the audio lag…

Then moved over to DATS. Did Weiss Survive R 1-6. X__X I retimed 1-3 cuz it looked like it was bad timing, but it actually wasn’t… so 4-6 I just shifted. They’re now in QC, so I hope to put them out in the next day or so as soon as encoder does his job. Woot woot woot.

…and of course, with all of this, nearly forgot today’s chapter. But I got it done and you can see it here. Go me.

Feb 02

All Around Update

In some respects, it’s been a very eventful day. In others, not so much.

Percy fandom is pretty dead right now – just people posting stills from the revamped website. Like we can’t visit it ourselves… -.-

BUT, there is a new website that seems to have popped up – Half Blood Web which looks promising. I’ll be keeping an eye on it. Also, it appears that Percy Quest has been revamped since I last checked it out…

Okay, list time… I just found a bunch of Percy sites.
Percy Jackson Wikia
Blue Trident (I knew about this one)
Demi God Lair
Percy Jackson Source
Child of the Prophecy
I have to wonder why there are so many Percy Jackson websites, but no Magyk? T_T

Anyways, for those in the US, Borders currently has a thing going on where you get this nifty Percy Jackson patch if you buy $10 worth of Percy Stuff. Otherwise, it’s $2.99. I bought it :)

As well as this nifty little Percy keychain. Using my 33% off coupon, I only had to pay $7.51 for the two of them! Not bad :D

Moving on from Percy.

DATS Image Upload


Yesssssss. I’m not a huge fan of the picture (he really isn’t all that cute, despite what people say) but it HAS PURPLE. <3 I need to preorder it. Or you can for me. Just ask for my address and you can have them send it right to me. :)


And finally, the second chapter in A Creepy Anthology. Took forever to post due to JA borking server. :)

Feb 01

New gayfag story

So I totally have finally done it! I’ve been saying that I’d write a sequel to Noteworthy/Just Creepy at some point in time AND I FINALLY HAVE DONE IT.

It’s going to be one chapter a day now through S.A.D. which will cover their first year together. Ideas for shorts are more than welcome :)

It’s called A Creepy Anthology :)

Chapter 1 is about a bunch of pictures, and is called A Folder of Snapshots. Enjoy and leave me a review :)

Nov 08

Added NaNo Status

So, yesterday I finally got a start on my NaNo. I ended up writing 4,307 words :-) Pretty impressive for one night, I’d say.

It’s (sadly) a Harry Potter fanfic, but I’m only doing that because I don’t have the time to add the background world into my work, so I’m piggybacking off of JKR’s world. However, I’m keeping it lose enough that by changing some stuff around, it could easily be just called a HP knock off :P

I did end up borrowing an idea from Rick too, with the Labrynth, and how it kinda moves and can be seen in various places.

It’s been kinda weird. I haven’t really written anything for a long time – I’m not very good – and so it’s been distinctly different, writing anything. And so much @_@

But yeah, my inspiration came from a posted plot bunny.
85) Dopplegangers: During a school trip to the Department of Mysteries, Albus Potter encounters two other children with green eyes. Both have an older brother named James. Both claim to be the second child of Harry Potter and his wife. Only their mothers are Cho Potter and Luna Potter respectively. Both claim to be on the same field trip. Yet only one may leave the Department of Mysteries. Possible 4th one, the child of Pansy Potter and Slytherin Harry.
I’m not following that exactly – there are actually a total of five of them – and it’s more of them getting stuck in a timeline-crossing room. Kinda like the House of Forynx (or however it’s spelled) from Queste.

So, after I get some more written, I’ll probably start posting it online for people to read. We’ll have to see :-)

Sep 19

Just Creepy published

Woo, Just Creepy got published!!! :D Super awesome, eh?

There are a few small changes in it, but nothing huge. Also, I made a few small changes to the version here on the site, and Imma upload it to


Mar 26

Wow, wtf

So I copied over the poetry from the lame site… and wow, that’s depressing. D:

I wrote most of that stuff in my early high school years. I guess I was a really really depressing kid. o.O

Lol. >_>

Mar 20

So, original stuff ported over

+.+ I ported over “Original Stories” woot.

Also added a new one to the list that wasn’t on the old site. “Just Creepy” which is a rewrite of my famous Noteworthy Valentine’s Day. Woot woot.

I also hacked away at this WordPress a bit, giving me my stats and stuff that I <3 \o/

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