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Mar 26

Translational work

Since I’m home for the week, and didn’t feel like working on fansubbing (someday, I will, I promise, I suppose) I ended up doing some translation work :-D

To celebrate the fact, erm, kinda, I spruced up and organized the translations page a bit. It is now separated by language, and in the case of Spanish, by what they’re for. Tick Tock has their own section, as well as the songs for El Desafio.

You will notice a new section though – French! Yes, I actually attempted (and I think did well) at a French translation. You can find a translation of Grégoire’s Toi + Moi, as well as the music video, by clicking here. :)

The other new song is another on the El Desafio list. This time, I took care of the weird rugby (I think it’s rugby?) song, Siempre Juntos. It was oddly easy to do. Oo Check it out.

I’ve also been learning a LOT of stuff in my 301 class. Like how to deal with infinitives and stuff… especially subjunctive. One song I KNOW I need to take a look at when I have my class notes (for reference) is Cara Luna. So, I know this is wrong. :S

But in regards to revisions, I did go over Yo Sabía and made a few changes. One of the biggest is the translation for “La respuesta me la dio tu corazón”… I had it kinda backward :S Also fixed all my incorrect past participles of “dreamt” to “dreamed”… not quite sure how I got it in my head that dreamt was a word.

…I do think it sounds better though :)

If you dreamt with me the same answer
If you dreamed with me the same answer

Who’s with me, changing the past participle to dreamt? :D

Feb 13

Tick Tock love

Soooooooo Boogie Boogie was on a old mix CD that I listened to today… and well, I FELT COMPELLED.

Redid the translation :)

And then I realized I should probably grab the lyrics for the other songs before the MSN Groups close. Well, too late. By about a year and a half. x_X

HOWEVER, it would be appear their second CD is basically just Menudo songs. -.-

Anyways, looking at the lyrics and getting them makes them 100000000x better :D

Y Yo No Bailo is hilarious because he won’t dance cuz she’s a giant.
Por Amor is SO FUCKING SLOW and not very good either.

And the Melody Menudo is still amazing. &heart;

Kinda kills it that they’re all just old Menudo songs. :\ Guess that explains the “Formula M”? lawl

Oh John John, whatever happened to you? (WTF 1:37 is shirtless mmm)

I found Joseph on Facebook… can’t say I care about the other two :P

Jan 27

Translational work

So today I totally worked on the translation section.

I went through and added videos with the songs to most of ‘em, so you can HEAR the song (& watch the video in some of ‘em!) while you read my awesometastic translations.

changelog also includes:
A small update to the the Atrévete translation… two lines is all I really touched. It’s still perfect ♥
A decently sized overhaul of the Azul translation, including me fixing the line that has bugged me FOREVER.
   ”Tu príncipe azul yo seré” went from “I will be your blue prince” to “Your blue prince, that’s who I’ll be”
I also fixed a big problem with that song… namely missing lyrics. A couple of the stanzas were completely redone, so it’s worth looking at. :)
Te Quiero Má got a small update, and I redid the stanzas about talking to the moon.

to do list:
I really wanna work on Ni Tu Ni Nadie since I absolutely love the video they did for it, and I have a much better idea of the meaning of the song. It needs a major overhaul.
Cara Luna is also in serious need of help. In the years since I did these I got into fansubbing and I learned a lot about translation. And god do some of mine, like this one, need help. X_X
Boogie Boogie should almost be taken down, it pretty much makes no sense.
Also, need to take out my DVD, and then make screenshots of each outfit that John John wears.

other notes:
The video for Nada still freaks me out.

no videos for Si Tú No Estás or Rock en la T.V cuz no one knows they exist.

ANNNNNNNNNNNNNND I also (the other day, not today) did another of the HSM songs, this one is Delfi’s Battle of the Bands song. You can find it here, called Superstar.

Jan 19

Two more translations, Percy/Nico update

So I dunno why but I am ttly in a translating mood tonight (well, today I guess… it’s 4:30am)

I translated two more of the HSM:ED songs, Actuar, Bailar, Cantar and El Verano Terminó.

I also updated the Percy/Nico list with 3 more stories that I found on ffn ♥ It’s also been renamed “A List of Percy/Nico Love” but I’ve left the url the same for those that possibly bookmarked it.

I also did some general housekeeping around the blog… I updated the book I’m reading, got rid of the NaNo thing and took the silly TweetMeme thingy off some of the pages (I have to use a custom field, whatever the fuck that is)

But I think that’s about it. There’s a poll on Shamisen about Bieber’s Baby. Lemme know whatcha think. I’ll leave you with some Bieber here.

Jan 19

I translated something

In my weird funky time, I have fallen in love with a song from the Argentinean version of High School Musical: El Desafio. Yo Sabia, sung by Fer and Agus. (I keep wanting to write her name as “Agnus”…)

Anyways, here’s the video for it:

And yeah, I attempted to translate it. ♥ Go me! You can see it here~~~