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Mar 12

New Job

So, I got a call on my way to class… and was offered a new job.

Yay! :)

I am now going to be a bakery clerk – meaning, package stuff and get people goodies out of the case at…

I’m excited. I have orientation tomorrow and who knows when I’ll actually start~ :)

Mar 20

Tonight at work

@o@ Tonight was a kinda crazy night at work.

First thing I should note is that we have Inventory on Monday and Tuesday. Anyone that has worked retail knows what a nightmare inventory is… and well, we’re gearing up! That means we have to go through everything and get it all pretty and shit. Make sure it has tags and whatnot.

So, there was a pile of stuff that needed to be marked out of stock/to be thrown away, and I didn’t know how to do it. (I’ve yet to be taught and I kinda disagree with the practice) so me and the 27 (POS Supervisor) made a plan at the beginning of the night: she would come back to C/S and do it, and I’d play the role of 27 for a bit.

Well, then one of the POS closers called in. Uh oh. Looks like the 27′ll be on register for the last 2 hours.

Then the Shoes person called in. Uh oh. Thank goodness we had multiple people in Misses tonight, so we’ll move one person over to Shoes.

Then the other POS closer goes home sick. She’s puking. Uh oh. Now what do we do?

So what ended up happening is that, at about 9:00ish, I went up to POS, Christin (the 27) went back to Customer Service, and Laurel the manager took over the other side of POS, cuz we couldn’t afford to pull anyone from the department.

So, yeah, it got weird. What should technically be 5 positions was covered by 3 of us.

The poor openers are gonna be horribly confused, because:
@ c/s: I closed one drawer, Christin closed the other 3
@ pos: I closed 8 of the drawers, Laurel closed 4
@ jewelry: Christin closed one drawer, and Laurel closed the other

It was kinda crazy fun. :-)

When we wrote our “Smile” counts on the sheet, Christin put for her position “27(ish)” and I wrote “C/s(ish)” hehe :)