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A Letter

A/N: So I’m taking the first verse of the song “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and writing a Harry Potter fic to it. It’s set post-HBP and is in the form of a letter from Dumbledore to Harry… let’s see if I can do this! A *real* fanfic :O

A Letter

Dear Mr. Potter,

If I leave here tomorrow

Dear boy, you have no idea how sorrowful I am to be having to write this here letter. I shall instruct Fawkes to deliver it only on my passing, which I fear is coming upon us quickly. I can not tell you the reasonings for my death, assuming you will have this letter, as they are still unknown to me.

Would you still remember me?

Young Mr. Potter, there is so much that I would have loved to discuss with you, to let you know of. Sadly, I fear that I will never get the chance to do so with many of the topics. My time on Earth is nearing a closure, so I will focus this letter on a single plea, that I hope that you will follow.

For I must be travelling on, now,

In your fifth year at Hogwarts, you created what you called “Dumbledore’s Army,” for which I am eternally grateful. That act demonstrated the loyalty that I had always hoped you had for me, something that I had questioned in the past. The act of creating such a group for the better good, and labelling it after me, it gave me much happiness.

’cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see.

And therefore, Mr. Potter, I must ask for you to do it again. To show your loyalty in the surest way possible, and that would be to continue on what many referred to as my legacy. No, I do not imply that you should grow to be such an old man as myself, but instead that you continue to fight valiently, and never show the fear that may be haunting your heart. Voldemort is, and will continue to be, the most frightening thing the Wizarding World has ever seen, and I fear that it will be up to you, Mr. Potter, in the end. You shall be the lone fighter on a large battlefield, that much we can be certain off.

But, if I stayed here with you, girl,

I once told you that the future isn’t sure. That is quite true, although there are many things that are sure. One of which is that you will be the one to finally face Voldemort, the one to finally restore peace to the Wizarding World. Our entire nation is looking to you for the liberation of our pain, and I fear that there is no denying that fact. Therefore, I must ask you to continue on, no matter what. I ask that you continue my legacy, that you continue to fight the evil that haunts us in our every dream.

Things just couldn’t be the same.

If you are reading this letter, it will mean that I have passed on, and for that I must deeply apologize Mr. Potter. There is nothing that I will have been able to done, or perhaps if there was, there was nothing that I would have wished to have done. If I am to die Mr. Potter, it will be for a purpose, and I hope you will take that purpose to heart.

’cause I’m as free as a bird now,

There are many dark days still ahead Mr. Potter, there is no denying this. However, I believe that if you take the chance and stand strong with your close friends, no harm will befall you, at least none that you will be unable to recover from.

And this bird you can not change.

Many people will die in this war Harry. I will be one of them, and there will be many others, quite possibly some that you are close to. However, Harry, you can not stop. You will have to continue on, push the limits of your ability, and overcome anything that may befall us. Please, Harry, do not let us down.

Lord knows, I can’t change.

I will be long dead by the time you read this, Harry. But remember always, a phoenix is reborn after it dies. A human does not do the exact same, because we do not need to. Instead, we continue to live on in the hearts of our friends and allies. I ask you, Mr. Potter, to keep me alive in your heart, and to fight until the world is safe once again.

It was a pleasure to know you and to help you make it to this point, where the ends are near. I trust in you, and know that you will not fail us.

Forever guiding,
Albus Dumbledore

A/N: Wow, that got really repetitive. And the song didn’t really match it well… oh well… I tried? And failed… but oh well =D

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