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Those Awkward Moments

Author’s Notes
I’ve tried to do this project many times, and many times I’ve failed. I’ve tried to do it as a “write write write, JUST WRITE” project, but I fell off that trek pretty quick. Then I tried to make it a Bieber song reference thing, and that didn’t work out either.

So instead, I’m going to try just writing their story. I know, it may sound shocking, but that’s what I want to do.

Brandon confessed his love? devotion? crush? affection? to Ryan through a series of letters. Obviously their story doesn’t end there – I mean, do they get together? Do they STAY together? What on earth happens to them?

That’s what this is. Their first interaction was through a series of creepy letters. But now it’s a series of awkward moments.

More Notes
Don’t expect sequential order – all of these can be read on their own (after reading Just Creepy, of course) or together. Whatever works for you.

Those Awkward Moments

By Greg Martin

  • “Hey Ryan, remember how awkward it was right after you got out of class?”
  • “Brandon, don’t you think it’s a little creepy that you sit and draw pictures of me?”
  • “Oh God, do you remember that time when I kept using all those cheesy math pick-up lines?” “How could I forget? And do you remember who showed up?”
  • “Come on, say it again. I wanna hear how much you luv me.” “Oh, shut it.”

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