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A Wolf Whistle

A/N: So I was like “Priscilla, I should use Bieber songs for my story writing.” And so I am… a few lines from Bieber’s “One Time” are interspaced through here, but nothing major. :) Love you Justin!!

A Wolf Whistle
A part of “Those Awkward Moments” by Greg Martin

I let out a soft, happy sigh as he nuzzled deeper into my chest. We were curled up together on my basement sofa, watching a sickeningly cute movie. One of those horrible movies that no matter how cynical you are at the world, you have to smile because they make it so cute.

I wrapped my arm around him, half hugging him, half just holding him close. I liked feeling the younger boy close to me. It was one of those feelings kinda like what those movies give you.

We stayed like this for the remainder of the movie, just curled up together. As the credits began to roll, I realized why – the boy had fallen asleep.

“C’mon Brandon, wake up,” I muttered, shaking the not-so-loving-anymore lump of weight on me. “You’re heavy.”

The lump of weight made some comment that wasn’t comprehensive before shifting to sit up. “Sorryan,” he yawned out. “I fell asleep.”

“No shit sherlock.”

He gave me a half-confused, half-annoyed look before pushing himself to his feet. “What time is it?”

“Little past six.”

“You know, it’s a little creepy that you always know what time it is.”

“Just because I can read a clock doesn’t make me creepy. You’re the creepy little stalking kid.”

“Well…” his eyes crossed as he tried to come up with some retort, but sleep had addled his brain and he just laughed. “I guess you’re right. But one of these days, I’ll find something creepy about you.”

I shrugged, and turned towards the stairs. “Want something to eat? I’m hungry.” Assuming he’d nod, I headed up the steps.

“Nice ass.”

I paused for a moment. “Excuse me?”

“I said-”

“I heard what you said.” He was silent. “Well, that’s one more creepy thing to add to the list.” With this said, I continued up the stairs. I heard his footsteps a few behind me, and I wasn’t about to miss the whistle either. “God are you a little creepy pervert.”

He laughed and whistled again. “Can’t a boy enjoy a view?”

I ignored his question and instead continued into the kitchen, where I busied myself making up a pot of macaroni and cheese.


It was silent in the room.

“Ryan, you’re not mad at me, are you?”

I looked up from my bowl to the boy sitting across from me. He looked genuinely concerned. “Why’d I be mad at you?”

“Well, cuz I whistled and stuff…”

“Brandon, shit, that’s fine. It’s just… well, I’m kinda hungry. So I’m paying more attention to my food than to you.” I looked back towards my bowl, filling up another spoonfull.

“So while you’ve become my world, the mac’n'cheese is still yours?”

My spoon froze in midair and I glanced back up to him. His cheeks had tinged a light pink, and he looked slightly ashamed of what he had just said. “I’m your world?”

“Well, pretty much.”


He squirmed in the seat and dropped his spoon into the bowl. “Ya know…”

I put my own spoon back into the bowl (oh, god, I was still hungry but when a boyfriend says something like that…) and leaned into the table. “Brandon, spill.”

“I already said it! More than enough times in those stupid little notes… I can’t believe I ever did those…” I made a face. “But they were so cheesy! And said such…” My scowl deepened. “Look, it’s just weird saying it out loud, k?”

“What are you talking about?”

“That I love you!”

My reply froze in my throat. Scenes from the cheesy movie earlier flashed through my mind and all I could do was stare at my boyfriend. Sitting across from me, a light blue American Eagle t-shirt covering his torso, with a pair of Converse jeans covering his lower body. He had brown hair, hair he wanted to dye red, and brilliant green eyes. A few freckles were tossed around his face, which was looking slightly to the side.

“You know…” I finally was able to mutter, the shock wearing off. “That’s the same outfit you were wearing when you met me outside of my Spanish classroom.” He looked back to me, a questioning look along his face. “You only needed to tell me one time.”

Moments later, his breath was my breath.

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