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A/N: So this is like one of my few non-songfic pieces =D

Story and characters are © Greg Martin

He smiled at me. I smiled back at him. Our smiles spoke millions, perfectly identical in shape and form. His smile was the mirror of my own, as was apt to be of twins.

As I rose my hand, he did the same. Every movement he mirrored, seemingly mocking my own every movement. But I didn’t mind, he was of my soul, he was my twin.

Mother and father had not given my twin a name. They denied his existance, instead calling me childish and absurd. But I knew in my heart that he was there. We were connected, we knew these things, all because we were twins.

I rose my hand to my lips and slowly kissed it. My twin did the same, his solemn eyes watching me. Together, we put our fingers together and I felt the cold. His hands were always cold, I never understood why. He was my twin.

Slowly, I turned around, away from my twin. I didn’t know how to say good-bye. We never spoke, there was no reason to say anything. I heard his sweet voice in my mind, as clear as if he were standing right next to me, my twin.

We would speak thoughout the day. He would be at home, locked away in my room, a far cry from the remainder of the world, but he would still talk to me. His voice was a soothing pressence in my day. He told the answers for tests, would help solve any problems. He was always there for me, my twin.

When I would come home, I always went straight to our room. He had been alone, locked being the glass all day. I smiled and stepped in front of his cage. He stood there, smiling back at me, his twin.

People didn’t understand how important he was to me. My twin, my other half, locked away in his cage of a mirror. I smiled at him and he smiled back… my twin.

A/N: I guess I should do a tad bit of explaining. The basis of this was supposed to be insanity, though I doubt I got even close… oh well.

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