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You Know

A/N: Something from my writing journal… I needed to write something semi-happy >_>

You Know
Story and characters are © Greg Martin

With a beating heart and quivering hand, I slowly raised his hand to my lips. A quick kiss to the knuckles was all he got, so small in comparison to the world he had just given me.

His lips met mine in a surprising rush. The feel of his sweet, warm lips against my own was enough to send me right back to the Heaven I had just decended from.

Drawing his lips away from mine, I saw a small smirk forming. “Didya like it?” he asked, the smirk on his face growing even wider.

Deciding to toy with the boy, I simply said, “You already know the answer.”

“Yes… but I still want to hear you say it,” his smirk hadn’t died like I had expected it to.


My simple reply had put a damper onto his cute little smirk. “Well…” he muttered. “Glad ya liked it.”

I used my pointer finger to turn his chin toward my own, then captured his lips in a kiss. “You know…” I murmed into his mouth. “How much I liked it.”

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