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Bouken Kiroku

T/N: Another song that I fell in love with. You’ll notice that the title is translated differently than I translated it in the actual song. :\ That’s how much I fail :) Like with anything I do in Japanese, don’t take it seriously. :D

Also, it’s only the TV size – I’m not that awesome to do the entire song ;o;

Also x2, I did a karaoke for this song. I’ll upload it some day. ♥

Bouken Kiroku (TV Size) (Adventure Records)
Little Non

生まれてゆく 新しい世界で
umareteyuku atarashii sekai de
We’re born into this new world

ずっと ずっと
zutto zutto
I always…

egaiteku bouken kiroku
Draw records of my adventures

I hope for the best.

何もかこ つまらない時
nanimokamo tsumaranai toki
Begone boring days

涙 流れ続ける時は
namida nagaretsudukeru toki wa
Where the tears keep falling

ときめきも 楽しい事も
tokimeki mo tanoshii koto mo
You’ve crushed the fun

nigete icchauyo
So I’m going to go away

Drawing the odd straw out

思い立ったら 出発点だ
omoitattara shuppatsutenda
That’s the point of depature!

パスポートは その胸に
PASUPOOTO wa sono mune ni
It’s the passport to my chest

もっとすてきな 自分に会いに
motto suteki na jibun ni ai ni
It’s nice to see us once more

yuuki wo dashite tabidate!
Putting out our courage and leaving on an adventure!

あふれ出した 大きな好奇心で
afuredashita ookina koukishin de
We were filled with great curiosity

fukanou mo kanou ni narune
I can’t always be like that…

生まれてゆく 新しい世界で
umareteyuku atarashii sekai de
We’re born into this new world

もっと もっと 続いてゆく
motto motto tsuduiteyuku
We’re going to continue on and on…

bouken kiroku
Recording our adventure.

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