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DATS Image Upload

What aRM Hosting Offers

  1. What space you need. We have room for what you want and probably more.
  2. No cap on bandwidth, but if you’re using insane amounts, I might think you’re doing bad stuff.
  3. A lack of awesome support. If you fuck stuff up, you gotta unfuck it. But I can probably help you on some basic stuff.
  4. Your own cPanel account


  • What you want will determine the cost. Feel free to contact me for a quote.

Hosting / Content Rules

  1. MediaWiki is not allowed, unless approved directly by me.
  2. Any sort of porn or adult content should be cleared with me. Child porn is, of course, not allowed at all.
  3. Any sort of file distributing, whether it be video or music or whatever should be cleared with me. I’m cool with most stuff, though I’m not going to be hosting freemp3s.co.ru or anything. For instance, anime fansubbing is going to be completely fine. (I run my own group!) On the other hand, freemp3s.co.ru would not be okay, because the music industry is really, really scary. Feel free to contact me if you’re not sure if your stuff would be OK.
  4. Any sort of “server” is not allowed. Examples include minecraft, IRC, shoutcast, etc.
  5. Just a note: If your website is taxing the server – using up way too many resources – I may be forced to suspend the account until you either are able to fix the problem or find a new hosting option. In other words, your site kills the server, I kill your site.

Ads & Credit

For paid hostees

  • You are free to put whatever ads you want. You are not required to credit me, though I would always appreciate it.

For free hostees

  • You are not allowed to put ads on your pages, unless they are mine. (I use Google Adsense, and would have no issue giving you a code to ad to your site) I do ask, if not require, you to credit me somewhere for hosting.
  • I do routinely check up on sites that I host, and if I find that you have been making money (read: putting ads on your site) off my generosity, your site likely will vanish instantly.


You can host as a subdomain to any of these. You also have the option of buying (or paying me to buy) your own domain.

  • yourname.aredmoon.net
  • yourname.dats.us
  • yourname.georockman.net
  • yourname.beltofdeltora.net
  • yourname.magykal.net
  • yourname.goldensunwiki.net
  • yourname.wikimon.net

Some of the above domains won’t be allowed if you’re going to be offering certain types of content.

Side Notes

  1. I can’t guarantee 100% uptime – no one can. However, judging from the past experience with the server, I will say that we are up at least 99% of the time, and if the server ever goes down, it’s merely a hiccup that fixes itself within 10 minutes.
  2. As a hostee, you’re given access to “bonus” content. Like, for instance, I’ll give you my phone number. (And any gay guy in the western Wisconsin area also has the option of courting my wonderful self) And we can be friends on Facebook. I’m easily contactable if need be. You’ll also have the option of using services such as the img.dats.us image hosting. I’m also pretty good at basic web stuff, so if you need help setting up a forum or gallery or something, I can likely help you out. Whatever people say, I’m actually a good guy. :)


So you read it all, and you still wanna apply? Then send me an e-mail at jkaizer at gmail dot com and we’ll work things out.

The pretty image used? It’s from here.

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