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A/N: I gave myself a page to write on, and this is what I got.

Story and characters are © Greg Martin

Everyone thought it odd that I didn’t cry. They all thought that it was strange when I never gave a sniffle. My mother, crying herself, asked me why I didn’t cry. I told her I wouldn’t because he didn’t want me to.

My father cried even. The strong man that i had always admired sat with my mother, hugged her and cried. When he too asked me why I didn’t cry, I answered saying that he didn’t want me to.

Then I told them he wasn’t dead. That he was still here, and wondering why they were crying. My mother sighed and told me that he was dead, and then started to cry again.

I left and went to my room. In there, I got the notes and took them down to my mother and father. When they had read them, they asked me where I got them. I told them that I had found them in the morning, when I woke up.

They looked at me slightly oddly, then ignored me. I went upstairs, to our room. I knew he was there, but he wasn’t. But I didn’t believe my parents. I knew that he wasn’t gone. It was impossible – he wrote me notes. Content with myself, I went to sleep. It was as though he were in the room; it was warm.

When I woke, there was anoather note. He wrote of how he was confused. He told me that he blacked-out and when he woke, I was never there. I wrote him back this time.

We went to the funneral that day. The body in the casket looked like my brother, but I knew it to be a doll. My twin was lost at home, sick of something. I couldn’t understand how he never saw me.

My note was still there when we got home. My tears threatened to fall then, but I stopped myself.

Feeling tired, I returned to my bed. I knew he would come… he would always be around as long as I was… I knew he’d never truly leave…

A/N: The goal of this was to convey a boy who gained a split personality-type thing after his twin died. Split personality = twin-like, and the one that wrote the notes. He doesn’t remember it because he’s conciously asleep.

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