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Shadows of the Prince

A/N: So Sammy wanted smut. And he wanted it about Takeru. So what do I do? I write it! ..eh, warning I guess. It’s not graphic or anything, but it’s very alluding.

Shadows of the Prince
Story and characters are © Greg Martin

Ahhh… what a feeling. The feeling of being completely exposed to the world, the feeling of being completely one -with- the world, it was a feeling that not many others could beat.

Takeru, the little prince of hope, enjoyed that feeling, that feeling of completeness. He made it through each day knowing that once he was free, once he was relieved of his daily duties, he’d be able to expose himself to that feeling, expose himself to that whole other world of pure bliss.

That ultimate peak wasn’t hard to reach, each stroke of the climb brought him ever closer, and very little ever interrupted such a sacred climb. Past sins and past deeds were forgotten as he got ever closer to that Nirvana of feeling, of emotion.

There was plenty of tools that Takeru could use as he climbed that mountain, plenty of images to power him along. Catching the soccer ball that first time… the joy at the fallen tower… the sorrow at seeing defeat… ah, the images of the other were the sole tools that Takeru ever needed.

Ahhh… if only the others knew of him. Their prince, their light in the darkness, the one that never dropped hope, fallen so dark into the shadows of self-pleasure. If only they could see… but they wouldn’t understand. They wouldn’t see the look of pure bliss, they wouldn’t see the look of pure Heaven. They would only see the act, the simple strokes of the climb, and judge him on that.

But the shadows were always so much more fun to play in. They were dangerous, and if manipulated right, they could reveal the truest desires. Upon the revelation, they could be granted… leading one to the heights of the peak.

The chosen of hope fell back into his climb, pushing the threat of the shadows out of his mind. He knew they were there, he didn’t need to remember it. After all, all those thoughts did was push the climber down, making the treck to the peak all the longer.

Ahhh… if only he could be there. A moan of his name is ever present, but he’s not there. Not that he would be… he wouldn’t dare to fall into the same shadows as the prince of the light. But that didn’t matter to the prince, he was happy dreaming… left alone to his fantasies of the shadows.

He began to breathe deeper, there didn’t seem to be nearly enough air this close to the peak… it wasn’t natural, to have to breathe this fast, this deep, but he did. Because he knew that once he reached that peak, the strength needed for those breaths would be renewed, and he would be able to continue on until his next climb.

His stroking climbs went faster and faster… images of Dai flashing through his mind… ahhhh…

With a loud groan of his dream’s name, he reached that ultimate peak, and basked in the bliss of the moment, for it was over all too soon.

He stilled at that peak, breathing in the smells of himself, basking in the knowledge of what he did, the shadows he conquered and overtook. They were a part of him, each of the overtaken shadows, each weighing down on the mind of the fair prince, but he didn’t mind.

For that peak, that bliss, it was all worth it in the end, especially knowing that somewhere, possible, his fantasy may be coming true…

A/N: Okay, you’ll have to forgive me. I’m really not all that good at “smut,” and this isn’t something I’d normally put myself to writing. It’s an… experiment you could say I guess. A failed one, but one nonetheless. Meh…

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