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A/N: This is quite personal actually.

Story and characters are © Greg Martin

With a sharp crack outside the lighting flashed. A few secodns later, the rolling sound of thunder made itself known. Far beneath these beasts, rain droplets splashed hard against the ground.

Through all this, a single boy sat in his room, thoughts and memories of times long past streaked through his brain drawing tears of crystal from his eyes.

Over and over he chanted her name, conversations playing in his ears. Her sweet voice was like poison to his ears, he couldn’t, he wouldn’t forgive himself. It was his fault that she left.

If only he hadn’t been so selfish, if only he had known what he really wanted… she’s still be there. His best friend.

But he had followed his instincts, how wrong they had been. And now, because he was so damn selfish, she was gone.

And he cried.

A/N: Dedicated to Char. You’ll always be in my <3

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