The Airplane House
As the plane becomes less and less like a plane, Jack becomes less and less like my brother.

lights on a night train
Shouts turn to silence as the train presses forward.

Death of a Pumpkin
A response to a prompt, where we’re at the annual Halloween pumpkin-carving…

Gravity, the Air Underneath my Wings
Just a short piece about gravity.

(My) Dream Boy
It’s the stereotypical ghost house… except there is a ghost. And he won’t let Danny be.

The Importance of Vacuuming (for a well-run household)
Vacuuming is extremely importance when running a household.

My Adoxography
Skilled writing on an unimportant subject.

Everything is cold…

Prom pictures never turn out quite right.

Just Creepy
Ryan’s having a bad day. So how does Fate make it even worse? It gives him a creepy stalker person that’s got the hots for him. Oh, joy.

Those Awkward Moments [chaptered]
Sequel to Just Creepy, following Ryan and Brandon.

Cool Fish Only
It’s Valentine’s Day and we were both bored… so it was just a matter of figuring out what to do.

Just Beyond Your Sight
Whenever there is a formal dance, Jake dances with his angel. But who is she, really?

In Which I Cut My Wrist, But Not Suicidally ["Fandom": Real Life]
Mostly based in fact, this is a satirical retelling of when I fell through the window.

Below are older stories. You will notice a distinct change in tone, and overall quality. Quite plainly, these are from my first few years of high school (And in some cases, even MIDDLE school) where I was an extremely “emo” kid, in dire need of some Paxil.

I will say first off that I was coming into my sexuality at the time I was writing these, and you’ll see that to a point. I was also suicidal, which will be very transparent, with the amount of cutting and blood stuff that comes up. Please remember that these are OLDER pieces, and that I’m no longer anything like this. Some of my stuff down here makes me cringe, but I’ve kept it to show myself how much I’ve grown both in writing quality but in personal quality as well. :)

Shadows of the Prince [Fandom: Digimon]
A metaphorical description of Takeru jacking off.

A Noteworthy Valentine’s Day
Brandon had always despised Valentine’s Day – nothing special happened for him. However, when he opens his locker this year, there’s a note with a box of chocolates…

My First
He was my first in everything…

Personal reflection, turned into a story like form.

Crimson Beauty
Sweet wounds, blood so pure…

My other half… my twin…

I know he’s not dead, he writes me notes…

I smile, even though I don’t have a reason to.

The colors were everything to him…

You Know
Sweet fluffy thing.

Same as above, and these are mostly SONGFICS. So they’re stories written around the idea of songs.

Dirty Little Secret [703 Words] [Fandom: Original] (All-American Rejects – Dirty Little Secret)
They knew it was wrong, but they didn’t care. It was their own little dirty little secret.

Irresistible [428 Words] [Fandom: Original] (Jessica Simpson – Irresistible)
Sequel to Dirty Little Secret – a conversation reflecting on the relationship.

A Letter [737 Words] [Fandom: Harry Potter] (Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird)
Post HBP, Harry recieves a letter from Dumbledore.

Numb [470 Words] [Fandom: Original] (Linkin Park – Numb)
Being alone was all that he ever asked for… away from them… and their wants… and demands…

Poisons [465 Words] [Fandom: Original] (Britney Spears – Toxic)
It wasn’t right… he knew it… but did he care?

Hanging by a Moment [649 Words] [Fandom: Original] (Lifehouse – Hanging by a Moment)
I could only wish that he looked at me like that…

Obsessions [698 Words] [Fandom: Original] (Garbage – You Look So Fine)
He was everything to me…

Crash and Burn [736 Words] [Fandom: Original] (Savage Garden – Crash and Burn)
Her eyes were sparkling as she grabbed my hand…

Angels [390 Words] [Fandom: Original] (Martina McBride – Wild Angels)
Even with everyone against them, they continued… and boy were they glad they did.

Hello [482 Words] [Fandom: Original] (Evanescence – Hello)
She couldn’t… just couldn’t… he wouldn’t believe it.

Good-bye [576 Words] [Fandom: Original] (Paulina Rubio – Don’t Say Good-Bye)
Her words echoed in his mind as he turned the key…

Always [1245 Words] [Fandom: Original] (Saliva – Always)
You’re always away, leaving me in a cold and empty bed…

Sunsetter [1271 Words] [Fandom: Original] (Cradle of Faith – Nymphetamine (Fix))
She was the one that could get me to tick… and she knew it.

Only For You [605 Words] [Fandom: Original] (Jesse McCartney – Because You Live)
A sickening sweet love story.

Feelings [567 Words] [Fandom: Original] (Collin Raye – I Can Still Feel You)
Even though she’s gone, I can still feel her sometimes…