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Crimson Beauty

A/N: This was written in English class in 9th grade… it ended up getting published in the school’s little thing. o.o;;;

Crimson Beauty
Story and characters are © Greg Martin

Hiding so very deep
Sweet wounds, blood so pure
Captures a gleeming eye
Forever changing shape

A smile adorned the sweet face of the teen as he watched it slide down his arm and land with a soft thud on the ground. It was nothing less than a vision of life to him. It was his vision of life.

Softly dripping, to the ground
Falling like drops of rain
That feeling, that rush
Nothing could match it

He dipped a pink finger into the crimson pool that was slowly growing larger. Swirling it around, he massaged the thick juice between two fingers, before raising it before his face.

Such sweet beauty that I hold
A lovely, forbidden crimson beauty
The very essence of our being
Sweet and hot beauty

As he held it up, the brightly lit moon decided to shine and his finger glowed. A soft, but powerful, glare hit his eyes, and for a moment he was blinded… by the glare of his life.

A moonlit night leaves
Only for a sunlit day to come
A smile, a frown, but still
The crimson beauty shines

As the sun rose outside his window, the smile began to droop. His freedom was over. A new day had begun and he knew that he needed to clean up.

A white cloth, yet untainted
Dipped into a pool of crimson
Moved about and about
Mopping up the thick pool

He doned a long sweatshirt, covering up the long night’s activities. He placed a smile over his frown, and took one last look at his previous place before leaving. it was time to be the one everyone loved.

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