So yeah, here’s my sucky poetry :D Please don’t look at these :D!!

You have the title, and then the first [two] lines of the poem. Read if they sound interesting. (:

An Endless Night
Kiss me in the falling rain
Before that awful sun peeks out

Crisp (or, how great caramel apple pops taste)
Green coated lips surround a point of white.
I watch it slide right and the tongue moves it left
I ask what’s that (in your mouth)

Dodo Bird
Do you ever wonder what happens
to the things long forgotten?

Lift Off
How high in the sky can your little wings fly?

Crickle, Crackle
Crickle, crackle, I flare up in the night

Sick Day
The stars begin to exit just as you leave

Do you feel it now? The lick of the wind

So I heard Superman’s going bankrupt
So, I heard you could fly

A cool wind blows, moving me about

Coming of the Cool
Brightly colored
gifts from the blue

Staring into the night
You loose control

I knew it
I knew it was a bad idea

I Remember
I remember
We used to laugh

I Tried
No matter what I do
No matter how I try

The Quarter
It glistens,
Such a murderous weapon

Too Deep
Sharp, silver, glistening in the sun

Why Celebrate it?
What does it mean

Sweet memories of you I hold so dear…1

“I’m afraid,” you silently whisper

I Dare You To…
Let’s play truth or dare… without the truth.1

1 Not the first lines, but I liked my “summaries” better. :)
2 These are going through class workshops, and therefore will be heavily revised at some point. *leers at huge stack sitting on floor*