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Just Creepy

A/N: So I wanted to write a complete story for my “Writing Stories” class. This is the result. A rewritten version of A Noteworthy Valentine’s Day with a completely different cast. Old Brandon = Ryan. Gabe = new Brandon. Woot. :D 

Just Creepy
Story and characters are © Greg Martin

Early Morning

I snarled in annoyance at my locker. It was, once again, refusing to open. My locker is a nasty little thing. It knows when I’m on time – then it opens, no problem! – but when I’m running late, the goddamn thing refuses to open. And of course, this was one of those times.

Totally made sense, of course. The Day itself wasn’t agreeing with me, and the Good Lord knows that a locker is far more likely to side with the great Day than with the lowly little me. My alarm clock had apparently agreed with the locker in this matter. Instead of being a smart and good alarm clock, it had insisted on doing the “blinking numbers” deal, instead of resetting itself properly after the power outage last night.

So, because the alarm clock was a lazy machine, I had been woken by my mother’s screaming. Normally, I’ll wake up to a nice song playing on the radio. My mother’s screams were… different. Much louder. And much harsher. Kinda like Linkin Park’s old stuff versus Mozart’s stuff. But the screams woke me up nonetheless, letting me know, loudly, that I had already missed the bus.

The screams haunted me as I quickly got ready for the day. They reminded me that because of my incompetence (shouldn’t it have been the alarm clock getting yelled at?!) my mother would be late for work, that my sister would be late for school as well (because she’s the good one, and gets driven every day) and that my world was ending as I knew it.

Well, they didn’t say the last bit, but I sure got the feeling.

So I was driven to school unshowered (GROSS! My hair was so disgusting!) and in an all together horrible mood. I blame the mood, of course, on the Day. Maybe the locker felt that mood and was scared. Maybe the unlocking mechanisms ran away.

That’s a thought.

Or maybe it was just plain scared of Tiffany. She appeared briefly to wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day. I told her to go screw herself.

That’s another thought. Eww.

When my locker did finally open, as the final bell for Homeroom was ringing, it only took a glance to know that Fate, or the Day, whichever one is was, had no intention of my day getting any better. Everything had been moved around.

Someone had fucking been in my locker, and had moved my stuff around. What the Hell?

I took a quick look around the area, trying to see if anyone was standing around or something. They say that the culprit aways returns to the scene of the crime. The crime, of course, having been breaking into my locker. The hallway was empty though, except for one little kid that was just milling around, looking like he was waiting for something or whatever. And he was smiling.

I glared at him before returning to my books, cursing him and his ability to smile on such a wonderful day.

Each and every night, I make sure to put my books at the BOTTOM of the locker, in a nice arrangement, so that even if I am late, I don’t have to dig around for the right books. But today, for some fucked up reason, they were at the TOP.

I grabbed the left few books, hoping to the Good Lord of Heaven that they weren’t all screwed up. My first three classes have two books each, and when it’s all fucked up with my other classes…

To my surprise (and glee?) they were in order. In perfect order, in fact. My first class’ books were sitting right on top, as if it were waiting for me. Scanning the spines, I could see they were all in order. From the beginning to the end of the day.

The little smiling kid was still there. He was late, and apparently didn’t care. “You see who was in my locker?”

His creepy little smile got wider. “And if I did?” Creepy Smiling Kid was playing a Creepy Game with me. Oh, joy.

“Then you should tell me who it was, so I can fucking-” his smile dropped “-beat the shit outta ‘em.” And it vanished completely.

With a kinda weird sad look, he just turned and walked away. Creepy Smiling Kid was now just Creepy Sulking Kid. CSK. Easier to say. Or think. Or whatever I need to do.

The door was nearly closed when I saw the flash of red on the top shelf, in the far back. I grabbed the locker (HA!) door, and stopped it.

It was… a red foil rose.

“What the Hell…” I slammed the door shut, and walked towards my class. Someone had broken into my locker, messed around with my shit, and then left a chocolate rose in there. That’s… creepy.

Lots of creepy today. Oh, joy.


“You’re late.”

Oh, how I love my Homeroom teacher. I could be 5 minutes late, 30 seconds late, 2 seconds late, or even 2 minutes EARLY, and he’d still mark me tardy. He’s hated me since I made some off-hand comment about his hair. Or lack there of.

Today though, he was right. I was a whole 5 minutes late, and had missed role call. And, as Tiffany whispered to me through a mouthful of chocolate, the candy.

“O’Braindead gave out candy. You missed it.” Her teeth were brown. Ever attractive, that Tiffany. I shuddered.

“Mr. Mann, come up here, please.” I walked up to him. “Here.” He handed me a single piece of paper (“3rd tardy – detention”) and a red envelope, with my name written on it. “It was in my box.”

I went back to my seat, candy-less, of course, and opened the letter.


Hey there! Hope your day has been good so far. I hope you enjoyed the rose. It seemed like a good way to start out Valentine’s Day, dontcha think?

I bet you’re wondering who this is. Well… I can’t tell you. At least not yet. You see…. I like you. And I like puzzles and games. The two loves of my life, and I thought that I’d meld them together and give you a Noteworthy Valentine’s Day!

Catchy, eh?

Periodically today, you’ll get notes where I give you clues as to who I am. By the end of the day, you’ll know who I am, and I’ll have entirely confessed my love to you. Yes, I’m that cheesy.

Enjoy the chocolate!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

I jabbed Tiffany in the side. “Oi, Tiff, check out this crackpot note.” When she ignored me, I repeated the actions until she finally took the note.

“Cheesy. And where’s your rose? I want it.”

I looked her over. “Fuck no, last thing you need is more chocolate.” She smacked me.

First Hour

With O’Brien out of my way for now, the Day looked brighter. I had chocolate waiting in my locker from some crackpot chick that dug me, so I knew I could at least indulge myself in that later on. It was a comforting thought.

My first real class of the day was Biology. On the opposite side of the school. It was impossible to make that stretch in the available five minutes.

But it’s okay – Mrs. Fields smiles at me when I walk into the room. Even if I’m 5 minutes late. Which I try not to be, seeing as I actually like the class.

Today, however… her smile was creepy. Like CSK’s from earlier. It didn’t take long before I connected the Creepy Smile with the package that she was holding. It was a little red bag, and I just knew that Creepy Stalker Person was behind it. It was a gut feeling.

My gut was confirmed when she handed the bag to me, saying “I found this in my box this morning, with a note asking to give it to you.”

A little leery, I opened the bag. There was some frilly tissue paper stuff, and underneath was a small bag of chocolates (oooh, chocolate…) and a folded piece of paper. I flipped the bag over, dropping the two articles onto the desk.

“Got an admirer, eh Ryan?” the kid next to me asked. His name was Ben or something, I don’t really know him. Or really care to.


He grinned at me and turned back towards Mrs. Fields, leaving me wondering why he bothered to talk to me. Yet another Creepy to add to my list.

The note was typed this time, and didn’t have the handwritten script from Homeroom’s note.

Dear Ryan,

Hi again! I heard you talking about how you like these type of chocolates… hope I heard right. :) They were kinda hard to find, but I figured it would be worth it, for you.

So I suppose you’d like to know a bit about me. I met you earlier this year… October, I think. We had the same lunch period, and one day you caught my eye. You were laughing with one of your friends, and you just seemed to glow. I don’t want to sound all cheesy like earlier, and say that I fell in love with you at first sight… but it was pretty close. You captivated me, and I kinda stared at you for rest of the lunch period.

It actually creeped my friends out, because they couldn’t figure out what I was staring at. Haha!

But I hope you like the chocolates. My name starts with “B”.

B _ _ _ _ _ _

I folded the letter up, and shoved it in the bag. Creepy Stalker Person (CSP?) was insanely creepy, but she knew my chocolate! Oh yessss, she knew my chocolate tastes well. There is nothing better than caramel Dove chocolates… just the thought of them gave me a perfect sugar rush.

“You actually gonna eat those?”

I looked at Ben-what’s-his-face again, and shrugged. “If they’re poison, I’ll die. But if they’re not…” my voice trailed off.

As Mrs. Fields went on about how we were going to start dissecting frogs next week, I munched on my chocolates. Creepy Stalker had given me a full bag of them, and by the time Mrs. Fields handed out the daily homework (which I dutifully noted down in my planner), I had finished nearly a quarter of the bag.

Second Hour

Second hour is my least favorite class, even worse than Homeroom. The reasoning lies in the fact that O’Brien teaches it. Psychology. The class really is perfect for him, since he’s so flippin’ psycho. But it’s not so great for me, since I’m sane, and those two just don’t really match.

And it’s 45 minutes long. Yes, 45 minutes with O’Brien.

The bright side of today, I figured, would be Creepy Stalker Person leaving me a gift. If chocolate was involved, I guess I could survive O’Brien’s class. Maybe.

The not-so-bright side of today, I also figured, would be getting CSP’s gift. Since O’Brien’s room is, of course, on the other side of the school. Sometimes Mrs. Fields would let us go early, but today was not one of those times.

So, as one would figure, I was late to O’Brien’s class. He met me at the door, and handed me my second detention slip of the day, with a bit of a smile on his face. “Late, Mr. Mann. Twice in one day. You’re going to make my record list pretty quick.”

He didn’t have a gift in his hands. I didn’t see one on his desk either.

Fate, it appeared, did not grant CSP the ability to get me gifts in this class. Fate instead wanted to make me as miserable as possible. So I sat down.

I sat behind the lesbian couple. I’m not sure if they’re just playing it, or what, but they like to touch each other a lot during class. It’s rather creepy, seeing them. They giggle and touch each other, and giggle more after the touches. It’s rather distracting, and O’Brien seems to think that it’s me that causes their giggles. He doesn’t appear to notice their hands continually across the aisle, feathering touches.

Today, however, the lovely lesbians were giggling louder than normal. And then did something they had never before done. They turned around and looked straight at me. Together, as one. Completely in sync.

“You’re Ryan, right?” one of them asked me. I nodded. She giggled.

“I saw you looking around while O’Bore talked to you. Were you… looking for something?” This was the other one. I nodded again, and this time, they both giggled.

“Was it perhaps… a Valentine?” the first one asked. And then giggled. God, they were driving me nuts, but I nodded anyways. She reached down beside her seat and grabbed a bag. Just like the one from first period. I stared at it.

They both giggled more, and the one put the bag on my desk. With a quick glance to O’Brien (he was messing with something on his computer) and a glare to my neighboring Giggling Girls, I grabbed the stuff out of the bag, and looked it over.

There weren’t anymore Dove chocolates, but instead there was a pack of chocolate covered cherries. Mmhmm. And a note, presumably from Creepy Stalker Person. Daring not to open the cherries (too much noise), I instead opened the letter.

Dear Ryan,

So you know, I’m writing these all on the 12th. And I still haven’t quite figured out how to get them all to you, since I’m going to TRY and get you something each class period. It’s not going to be easy, especially since you’re taking a class with O’Brien.

I had him for study hall first semester, and he was a complete pain to deal with. And since your second hour is with him, it’s challenging. But I do have a plan… I’m going to ask the girl who sits in front of you to give you the present. So, I hope it gets to you well.

And if you’re that girl, why are you reading this? This is for Ryan…

Anyways, some more about me! Since that’s the whole deal, I want to try and teach you about me… I’m a freshman, and I went to Alexander Middle School. I believe you went to River West… anyways, the next letter I’ll give you is “d”. It’s 3rd from the last.

B _ _ _ D _ _

This note, like the one from first period, was typed.

“Who gave you this?” I asked, poking the girl in front of me. She giggled, but didn’t turn around.

I was sent out of the room about ten minutes later, because O’Brien thought I was being too much of a distraction to the “lovely lady” (where do you think I got that nickname? I’m not that original) in front of me. Man, I hate that guy. But I guess that this Day isn’t 100% against me. At least I’m getting chocolate.

Third Hour

My third hour is Health. Which is, oddly enough, located two doors down from my Biology class. At the beginning of the semester, I tried to get them to switch around my schedule, pointing out how absurd it was, and how impossible it was to navigate, but I didn’t get much sympathy.

Today, it was easy getting there on time, since I was kicked out of O’Brien’s class. He was too “busy” to write me up (and didn’t want to give me a third detention, I figure, since I would have to serve all three with him, instead of just the two so far) and so I was basically allowed to wander the hallways.

I took the chance to hit the bathroom, and try and fix up my hair. It was pretty messy (and greasy) from my late run this morning, so I tried to work on getting the blond mess to be not-so-much a mess. At least with the grease, it stayed down well enough.

It was yet more evidence that perhaps, just perhaps, the Fates were with me today. If they really wanted to ruin it for me, they probably could have had me sick or something, and unable to receive Creepy Stalker Person’s gifts Or B-something-something-something-D-something-something. Whatever you want to call her. Maybe it’s like a “Brandie” or something?

I made it into the classroom first, and sat where I normally did. I made sure to avoid Mr. Herrun’s eyes, since I know he’d be surprised to see me early. I was normally late, coming from O’Bore’s room.

“Ryan, you’re early.”

It’s wondrous how intelligent our teachers can be. It’s like they’re seeing things for the first time, sometimes…

“Yeah. Got out of my other class early today.”

“Good day for it. I have a gift for you… it was left in my mailbox. You want it now or after class?” I looked up at him.

“Now, please.”

I like Mr. Herrun. He’s pretty awesome, and is really good about teaching us healthy stuff. We’re currently in the middle of a unit on proper eating (perfect time for Valentine’s to fall, eh?) and so I figured it’d be even more awesome for me to munch on chocolate during the class. When I opened the package, however, I didn’t get chocolate. Of any sort. It was a big package of gum.

The cinnamon stuff. You know, the REALLY good type of gum. And this was one of those fifty packs. Absolutely and utterly amazing looking. The letter paled in comparison, but I looked at it anyways.

Dear Ryan,

We’re moving along in the day. Hope you’ve enjoyed your treats so far. A rose, some chocolates, then some cherries. And now, since it’s Health class, I figured I’d try and be the better person, and get you some gum. Gum is yummy, but healthy. (Or at least healthier than chocolate…)

I’ve noticed you’re constantly chewing gum. And it always had a cinnamony scent, so I figured that you would like this. Hope you do!

Uh… I grew up in California, and then moved here when I was in 2nd grade. It’s completely different here, but I like it. I’ve never had a boyfriend of any sort… I kinda hope you’d become my first, but I’m doubting it, even after all this hard work.

“R” is the next letter I’ll give you… it comes second in my name. Have a great class, and talk to you fourth hour!

B R _ _ D _ _

By the time I had finished reading it (and taking out a stick of gum), the class had began. Creepy Stalker Person was probably right in the fact that I wouldn’t be her boyfriend. If she liked me so much, why didn’t she just talk to me?

Though, I suppose this is pretty awesome, getting all of these sweets.

We talked about how chocolate was bad for you during the class. I found out that it was Brenden, not Ben, from earlier, when Mr. Herrun called on him. He kinda mumbled a response.

Other than that, I didn’t catch much. I was kinda off in my own little world, wondering who on earth would name their kid Brandie. It sounds far too much like something you’d drink.


Fourth Hour

Herrun let us out early, and gave us all little snack size sugar-free treats as our Valentine’s Day gifts. He also warned us not to have unsafe sex tonight, in case we got together with our sweethearts.

Most of us laughed, though a couple people blushed really dark.

As I walked along the hallway to my math class, I couldn’t help but notice Creepy Smiling Kid from earlier. He was standing, talking with a friend of his, and glanced at me as I walked past. “See you fifth hour,” he tossed out as I walked past.

“Huh?” I grunted, spinning around to look at him. “Fifth hour?”

A slight pout took over his face. “You don’t recognize me?”

I leered at him for a moment, then gave a little laugh. “You got a haircut.”

I knew the kid, he came into my study hall fifth hour sometimes and helped the teacher there. “I’ll ask you about my invader then, okay?” I tried to give him a grin. It wasn’t really his fault I had been in a piss poor mood this morning.

But his pout had vanished, and was quickly being replaced by a smile. He was still Creepy Smiling Kid, apparently. “And maybe I’ll tell you.”

I turned back around, and waved over my shoulder, then continued on to my class.

My fourth hour present was sitting on my desk when I came into the room, just before the bell rang. My Professor (as he insisted on being called) glared at me briefly before turning to the whiteboard.

“All Valentine’s things should be underneath your chair for the entire class period. If I see them out, and I will, then they will become mine. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I’m sure the garbage can wouldn’t mind them.”

I stuffed the bag under my chair, and took out my notes, wishing that I could find out what was in there.

Fifth Hour

I practically ran out of my math class as soon as it was done, and didn’t slow down until I made it to the Library. My study hall was in a small room squished behind the library, made out of an old stairwell that never got used. It was constantly cold in the room because of all the windows, but other than that, it was the most awesome place possible.

The teacher was named Jen. I have no clue what her last name is, but she’s the most awesome teacher possible. Our study hall is basically a free-for-all where we hang out and, if we want to, work on whatever we want. Otherwise we’re welcome to use the computers (she has a few in her room, because she normally teaches a research-heavy history course) or just do nothing. She even plays music.

When I made it to the door, Jen was there, talking with Creepy Smiling Kid. Or Kid That Hangs Out In My Study Hall, whatever you want to call him. No clue what his name is really, I just know that he’s kinda funny to watch. He’s really hyper most of the time, and together with Jen, they make an interesting dynamic to watch. Tall, amazingly gorgeous Jen, and… short CSK.

“Oh, Ryan, wait! Got a bag for you~” Jen’s voice kinda floated on the air. I don’t think anyone in the school could say that they hated her. She was just amazing, in all ways.

I grabbed the envelope she was holding, then sat down at a table, and opened fourth hour’s gift.

Dear Ryan,

How goes Pre-Calculus? I think I have to take that next year, since I’m currently in one of the upper math classes. It sounds pretty challenging, but I think I’ll be able to do it. Maybe you can help me, if we end up at least getting to know each other?

I don’t really know what to say about myself. I have kinda bland brown hair, and green eyes. There’s nothing extraordinary about my body, really. I’m even a little short for my age. :( Hope you don’t mind short people.

How about…. “o”, to come after the D.

B R _ _ D O _

Well, there goes the Brandie theory. Brindon? I haven’t a clue. Whoever this is had a weird name. But good taste. Oh, yes, good taste. The present was more of the Dove chocolates… mhmm….

The fifth hour gift was just a plain envelope, and when I opened it, I was surprised to see a ten dollar bill and the normal letter. I took a quick look around, and saw Jen and CSK (who was grinning now) watching me.

Dear Ryan,

Fifth hour! It’s a great time, isn’t it? Some of us get our classes split, some get longer classes… it’s a lot of fun.

I have this hour open, and so I’m going to spend it getting ready for your last two classes. I hope that you’ll take the chance to smile at the world around you, and hopefully not get too sick on all the chocolate. Haha.

The $10 is for lunch, so you can try the A-La-Carte line, since today’s “lunch” is grilled cheese. And we all know how great their… “grilled cheese” is. I know you never use the A-La-Carte, so I thought you might like a change in pace.

If not, I guess you could always just stick it in your pocket, and use it to buy some more toothpaste! Haha.

Talk to you later,

B R A _ D O _

I looked back up, and saw the two were still looking at me. “Whatcha want?”

Jen giggled. (She’s a bit like the lovely ladies of second hour in that way) “Are you enjoying your little admirer’s gifts? They’ve been pretty busy, trying to make this all work out for you.”

I gave a grin. “It’s pretty awesome. They’ve given me some great stuff, and it’s all good. Wish I knew who it was, though.”

Creepy Smiling Kid spoke up. “Ah, I’m sure you’ll find out. After all, they’ve gone through all this trouble…” I leered at him.

“And you know who she is, don’t you?” His smiled drooped. “Why won’t you tell me?”

“That’d ruin the fun, wouldn’t it?” A pause. “I gotta go, Jen. I’ll talk to you later. Thanks for all the help.”

“Anytime, Brandon.”


I took an early lunch that day, skipping out on most of my study hall. I wanted to attack that A-La-Carte line before it was completely empty, and in order to do that, I needed to be early.

And it also gave me time to think. This girl must seriously like me, if she’s going to go to all the trouble for this. And it must have cost a small fortune too, since I know that none of the stuff she’s given me is cheap.

But what do I do? How do I turn her down? It’s not like it’d be easy… especially after she spent so much effort on me. But I know it wouldn’t work.

Sixth Hour

I had a sub in sixth hour, History. We just watched a movie.

There was no gift. There was no letter.

I hate to admit it, but I was kinda depressed.

Seventh Hour

I had Spanish my seventh hour. My teacher was kinda like Jen, in that she’s really awesome. She really got off on the gossip and stuff. So it really wasn’t a big surprise when she handed me the bag, and was smiling really brightly.

“Your admirer is muy bonito. They were so worried about how it was going to go over. Be nice, okay?” Then she walked back towards her desk, and tossed over her shoulder, “Wait until the end of class before you open it, please.”

I raised an eyebrow, and made a small nod, mostly to myself. Bra-something-do-something would have to wait until a bit later to reveal herself to me. I apparently had Spanish to learn.

End of the Day

As the class came to a finish, I put aside my completed Spanish Valentine’s (Two little hearts that said “Te amo” for my mom and sister) and grabbed out the package. It was the same type of bag as the others, but I hesitated slightly before opening it.

Inside was the letter, and a chocolate heart that said “Te amo” in pink frosting. I pushed it aside, and opened the letter.


I’m taking Spanish too, you know. I had it first hour. It was actually Senora Cristol that gave me the initial idea for this. She said it was popular in her town for boys to write notes to the girls they love. So I figured, if they can, why can’t I?

I won’t say that I love you. That’s just too cheesy, and it doesn’t work out right. But I can tell you that the last two letters in my name are the same – they’re both the letter N.


Yeah, Brandon. The kid that was standing at your locker (I had just finished, and hadn’t had a chance to get away – it was a bit of a close call. Thank goodness you were late), the kid that goes to help Jen because he likes seeing you, the kid that went completely nuts and bought you all this chocolate, to show that he really does like you. And, of course, a boy.

I honestly don’t know how you’re gonna react. You could completely freak out, you could say “Oh, he’s a cool enough kid, I might like to know him.” or you might even go and ask Jen to tell me not to come anymore, or request a transfer out of the class. I… don’t know. I know so much about you that it’s kinda creepy I think, but I don’t know this.

You’re the first person I’ve ever told that I… I like guys. Uhm…

So, I guess… I’ll see you around?


This one… was handwritten. I didn’t know what to think.

I had gotten it into my head that it was a girl. That I’d have to turn her down. I didn’t… even consider that it might be a boy.

Senora was looking at me as I gathered my stuff up. “You okay, Jose?”


Outside the door, Brandon was leaning against the wall. He looked up as I walked out the door, then quickly looked away.

“Brandon, eh? That’s your name?” He gave a small nod, still looking to the left. “So, those chocolates were pretty good.” His head turned slightly towards me. “I haven’t touched the cherries yet, but I’m sure they’re gonna be good.”

“They are.”

“You know, I had a pretty rotten morning.”

“That why you were late?”

“Yeah, had a power outage at night. I woke up really late.” He didn’t say anything in response. “So, you say the cherries are good?”


I let silence take over for a moment, as I mulled over what to say. Today hadn’t been what I was expecting. The Fates were working… with me, maybe?

“Wanna share?”


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