Oct 11

If the toys weren’t enough

So a few days ago (was it really September?) I talked about the upcoming Bieber toys. Well, that’s not all.

It appears that he’ll be putting out a nail polish line too! I’m sure that my dear friend Priscilla will be wanting some ;P

I don’t paint my nails, so I don’t think I really need any…

Speaking of which, his biography comes out today as well. Got an amazon link for it right to the right there, so check it out.

Priscilla is also very excited about that. She’s mentioned it like 20 times in the past week… she’s probably setting it up right now. The Borders that she works at is doing their daily merch set, which the Bieber Biography is part of. :)

But there’s still some more stuff! Just a few funny/cute gossip articles I came across…
Selena wants to cut his hair… can’t blame her. The flip does get a little annoying after awhile. =P
And poor Justin does sometimes miss his old life, which is interesting. You don’t normally hear about how stars with they weren’t so famous.

Once again, can’t blame him. He probably can’t go to the bathroom without worry that some girl will see him and try to have his babies. But at least he’ll get to host Punk’D.

Let’s wrap this up with the video for U Smile, which I really should get around to watching…

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  1. Priscilla Schneider

    Nail polish? Really, that’s crazy. But then I guess it’s a way for all those crazy girls to be “close” to Bieber. Selena wants to cut his hair..well that would be up to Bieber if he wants to do that. And why wouldn’t he miss his old life sometimes? I think everyone gets a little melancholy every once in awhile. Have you gotten around to watching the video yet? Oh, why even ask, of course you watched it. You’re Bieber’s biggest fan.

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