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Justin Bieber Discography

For the first part, we have the four official CDs. (Never Say Never is due out the 14th)

Numbers are official tracks, released on (all?) copies of the CD. Letters are “extras” that are based off of that CD (radio edits, French editions) or remixes released as singles.

My World (Part I)
1. One Time
2. Favorite Girl
3. Down to Earth
4. Bigger
5. One Less Lonely Girl
6. First Dance (featuring Usher)
7. Love Me
a. Common Denominator
b. One Less Lonely Girl (French)
c. One Time (My Heart Edition)

My World (Part II)
1. Baby (featuring Ludacris)
2. Somebody to Love
3. Stuck in the Moment
4. U Smile
5. Runaway Love
6. Never Let You Go
7. Overboard (featuring Jessica Jarrell)
8. Eenie Meenie (featuring Sean Kingston)
9. Up
10. That Should Be Me
a. Kiss and Tell
b. Where Are You Now?
c. Baby (Radio edit)

My Worlds Acoustic
1. One Time (acoustic Version)
2. Baby (acoustic Version)
3. One Less Lonely Girl (acoustic Version)
4. Down to Earth (acoustic Version)
5. U Smile (acoustic Version)
6. Stuck in the Moment (acoustic Version)
7. Favorite Girl (live)
8. That Should Be Me (acoustic Version)
9. Never Say Never (acoustic Versionfeaturing Jaden Smith)
10. Pray
a. Somebody to Love (featuring Usher)
b. Never Say Never (featuring Jaden Smith)

Never Say Never – The Remixes
1. Never Say Never (featuring Jaden Smith)
2. That Should Be Me (remix featuring Rascal Flatts)
3. Somebody to Love (remix featuring Usher)
4. Up (remix featuring Chris Brown)
5. Overboard (live featuring Miley Cyrus)
6. Runaway Love (remix featuring Kanye West)
7. Born to Be Somebody

From here down are “leaks” – songs that aren’t officially released, but you can find them anyways. In the first set, I have decent quality MP3s of the first few. The ones with astrixes, I haven’t made recordings yet.

For the second set, it’s songs that I know *exist* but not full versions, or they’re kinda jokey ones.

Other Songs (completed)
Pick Me
Latin Girl
Rich Girl (with Soulja Boy)
One Lonely Baby (Remix of Baby, One Less Lonely Girl, and One Time that went rather viral)
* Won’t Stop (with Sean Kingston)
* Mama’s Boy

Other Songs (not so much)
* A one minute clip can be heard
Can’t Live Without You
* Only about a minute is leaked
Swag so Mean
* It might be complete, but the versions I’ve heard have big instrumental parts where I think a verse would go.
Shawty Let’s Go (featuring Sean Kingston)
* All I’ve found is the two trying to get the song worked out, like a “Behind the Scenes” type thing
Omaha Mall
* Freestyle, not a real song
Speaking In Tongues
* Just him saying “Yeah, I can rap.” basically…
Dr. Bieber
* Kinda a joke, I think…? He’s played it live and there is a “meh” recording out there

There are a number of other ones floating around YouTube, but for every one real one (example, Believe) there are 10 fakes. Not worth it. :S


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