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Nov 02


Remember, back in like 2007, I had the idea of writing a longer story based off of the lyrics to Savage Garden’s Affirmation? Well, I’m actually trying it this time, for my NaNo.

I made it through the first line, and part of the second, and came out with 2284 words. I figure it’s a good, solid start and that I’ll be able to continue working off of that.

I’ll be honest and say that my goal isn’t so much to have a SINGLE story that’s 50,000 words. I am aiming for probably 2 25,000 novella deals. It’ll be a lot more manageable for me, and it’s something that I think I’ll be able to accomplish much easier.

According to my NaNo profile, I attempted 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. ~_~ 2009, as I recall, was my Potter kid story, which I still work on occasionally. I’m not quite sure what happened to the other two stories… maybe they’re sitting on a harddrive somewhere.

“Potter Party” as it’s called on Google Docs is a whooping 9459 words. >_> Not exactly NaNo winning material. But I still really like the idea… it’s just a matter of making it GO somewhere. That’s where I always seem to end up. A fun beginning, an interesting subject, and then it just plops out.

So! Wish me luck! You can find me on NaNo here.

Nov 08

Added NaNo Status

So, yesterday I finally got a start on my NaNo. I ended up writing 4,307 words :-) Pretty impressive for one night, I’d say.

It’s (sadly) a Harry Potter fanfic, but I’m only doing that because I don’t have the time to add the background world into my work, so I’m piggybacking off of JKR’s world. However, I’m keeping it lose enough that by changing some stuff around, it could easily be just called a HP knock off :P

I did end up borrowing an idea from Rick too, with the Labrynth, and how it kinda moves and can be seen in various places.

It’s been kinda weird. I haven’t really written anything for a long time – I’m not very good – and so it’s been distinctly different, writing anything. And so much @_@

But yeah, my inspiration came from a posted plot bunny.
85) Dopplegangers: During a school trip to the Department of Mysteries, Albus Potter encounters two other children with green eyes. Both have an older brother named James. Both claim to be the second child of Harry Potter and his wife. Only their mothers are Cho Potter and Luna Potter respectively. Both claim to be on the same field trip. Yet only one may leave the Department of Mysteries. Possible 4th one, the child of Pansy Potter and Slytherin Harry.
I’m not following that exactly – there are actually a total of five of them – and it’s more of them getting stuck in a timeline-crossing room. Kinda like the House of Forynx (or however it’s spelled) from Queste.

So, after I get some more written, I’ll probably start posting it online for people to read. We’ll have to see :-)