Feb 13

Tick Tock love

Soooooooo Boogie Boogie was on a old mix CD that I listened to today… and well, I FELT COMPELLED.

Redid the translation :)

And then I realized I should probably grab the lyrics for the other songs before the MSN Groups close. Well, too late. By about a year and a half. x_X

HOWEVER, it would be appear their second CD is basically just Menudo songs. -.-

Anyways, looking at the lyrics and getting them makes them 100000000x better :D

Y Yo No Bailo is hilarious because he won’t dance cuz she’s a giant.
Por Amor is SO FUCKING SLOW and not very good either.

And the Melody Menudo is still amazing. &heart;

Kinda kills it that they’re all just old Menudo songs. :\ Guess that explains the “Formula M”? lawl

Oh John John, whatever happened to you? (WTF 1:37 is shirtless mmm)

I found Joseph on Facebook… can’t say I care about the other two :P

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