Jul 31


Ehhhh this has been a weird month.

I’ve been working quite a bit, and it’s ~killing~ me. But I got a mini vacation the other day when I went out to see Greyson Chance in concert again :D I recorded two of the songs he did, you can see them on my YouTube account.


But other than that, I haven’t really been doing too much. I recently reread the entire Septimus Heap series, and have really, REALLY been itching to work on The Magykal Network… but haven’t had much luck in the layout department. I tried mucking around with the GRN layout, but it didn’t really seem to work. I need to ponder on how to do the navigation.


I did, however, work a bit on GRN last night. AMAZING, right? It’s been absolutely forever (two years…) since I’ve done anything on there. I made a new style, and updated the Caption pic. >_> Not much, but hey. I also updated the sidebars, getting rid of all the dead affiliates and stuff.


Today I worked on the Snowpig weather page. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t feel bad. :P It’s a weather page… basically for my family. We’re kinda spread out during the school year, existing in 4 different places at any given time, so we have all it together. You can see it here, if you’re interested.

Also, since I recently got myself a new phone (with 3G :D) I made a mobile version of it for myself. Haha, I’m that absurd. But hey, it’s nice to have a smaller version when you’re under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and driving down the highway~~


I still haven’t done much more with that half-done chapter for that random story I am writing. I had the oddest dream regarding it though, where I was making it an actual book, and it was kinda cool.

Just Creepy was the first chapter, and then the rest of the little stories I’ve been doing were there, and they had Polaroids put in, so it kinda looked like a scrapbook. I was taking pictures of the guys for it and it was awkward, cuz they knew what the story was +O+~


Oh well. I work 6 to close tonight.
Greyson’s CD comes out on Tuesday. <3<3<3<3

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