Feb 22

Spanish poetry

A few weeks ago, I wrote a poem in Spanish for class. You can see – obviously – that I was getting more into it by the third stanza :P The first two are meh.


Lluvia de tus ojos

La lluvia ha empezado
La puedo ver en tus ojos
Ahora, voy a tocar tus codos
Y decirte que eres el ombligo de mi mundo

Estamos viviendo en una primavera eterna
Tú eres el cielo por todos mi flores
Por eso, es necesario que tú llores
Y das agua a toda la tierra

Pero, mi amor, no lloras tanta
No queremos el diluvio de Noé
Debes sonreír, porque contigo, el mundo iluminaré
Tú eres mi dueña, mi vida, y a tí, me encanta.


And then an attempt at a translation… (of my own work??)

Rain from your eyes

The rain has started
I can see it in your eyes
And now, I’ll touch your elbows
And tell you that you’re the center of my world

We’re living in an eternal spring
You’re the sky for all of my flowers
Therefore, it’s necessary that you cry
And give water to the entire Earth

However, my love, don’t cry too much
We don’t want Noah’s floor
You should smile, because with you, I’ll illuminate the world
You’re my lady, my life, and it’s you that I love

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