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Jan 14

School only has my soul for 1 more semester

So, this is a picture of my school.

I’m about to go into my last semester of it! In May, I will finally be graduating! It’s kinda exciting, but scary at the same time.

I have some writing from last semester that I’ve put under the current collection, Tastes Like Forever. It’s all still rough and in the original form, but it’s something. ^o^

This coming semester actually appears as though it will be easier and less hectic, so I’m hoping to get the time to go through and edit these. Make them beautiful like I have for Fall(ing/en) Leaves. Still super proud of those.

Until later/sooner,

edit: it helps if i know some grammar…

Jun 29

Two new stories

I’ve added two short little pieces to the Short Stories page.


One is titled Death of a Pumpkin and is about exactly that and is kinda scary.

The other is Gravity, the Air Underneath my Wings is about gravity and is kinda sad.


I also went through and made all the stories that use Google Docs full-screen, so we don’t have the sidebar on there.

Feb 22

Spanish poetry

A few weeks ago, I wrote a poem in Spanish for class. You can see – obviously – that I was getting more into it by the third stanza :P The first two are meh.


Lluvia de tus ojos

La lluvia ha empezado
La puedo ver en tus ojos
Ahora, voy a tocar tus codos
Y decirte que eres el ombligo de mi mundo

Estamos viviendo en una primavera eterna
Tú eres el cielo por todos mi flores
Por eso, es necesario que tú llores
Y das agua a toda la tierra

Pero, mi amor, no lloras tanta
No queremos el diluvio de Noé
Debes sonreír, porque contigo, el mundo iluminaré
Tú eres mi dueña, mi vida, y a tí, me encanta.


And then an attempt at a translation… (of my own work??)

Rain from your eyes

The rain has started
I can see it in your eyes
And now, I’ll touch your elbows
And tell you that you’re the center of my world

We’re living in an eternal spring
You’re the sky for all of my flowers
Therefore, it’s necessary that you cry
And give water to the entire Earth

However, my love, don’t cry too much
We don’t want Noah’s floor
You should smile, because with you, I’ll illuminate the world
You’re my lady, my life, and it’s you that I love

Dec 06

New stories

Who wants to read ‘em?

“lights on the night train” (559 words)

“My Dream Boy” (5574 words)

“The Importance of Vacuuming (for a well run household)” (1841 words)

“Cl” (1155 words)


Nov 08

el mes del escrito

Mi NaNiWriMo no es muy bien… yo no puedo escribir mucho. Es muy dificil. Yo he empezado tres historias, pero no me gusta mucho nada.

tl;dr I fail at NaNo. Oh well.

I met up with some peeps at a coffee house, and we had an epic writing deal. I got one thing I kinda liked out of it, so I posted it up here, entitled “Dodo Bird“. It was a prompt. :)


Nov 02


Remember, back in like 2007, I had the idea of writing a longer story based off of the lyrics to Savage Garden’s Affirmation? Well, I’m actually trying it this time, for my NaNo.

I made it through the first line, and part of the second, and came out with 2284 words. I figure it’s a good, solid start and that I’ll be able to continue working off of that.

I’ll be honest and say that my goal isn’t so much to have a SINGLE story that’s 50,000 words. I am aiming for probably 2 25,000 novella deals. It’ll be a lot more manageable for me, and it’s something that I think I’ll be able to accomplish much easier.

According to my NaNo profile, I attempted 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. ~_~ 2009, as I recall, was my Potter kid story, which I still work on occasionally. I’m not quite sure what happened to the other two stories… maybe they’re sitting on a harddrive somewhere.

“Potter Party” as it’s called on Google Docs is a whooping 9459 words. >_> Not exactly NaNo winning material. But I still really like the idea… it’s just a matter of making it GO somewhere. That’s where I always seem to end up. A fun beginning, an interesting subject, and then it just plops out.

So! Wish me luck! You can find me on NaNo here.

Oct 27

La poesia

Durante este semestre, yo estoy estudiando y escribiendo poesia. Que divertido. -_-;

Erm, in English: During this semester, I am studying and writing poetry. How fun. -_-;

Every other week, we have to write a poem. And I’ve done that. Plus a few others… like the first week, I wrote two sonnets. One was just me messing around, and the other I turned in… and this week, we had to write either a pantoum or a sestina, and I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I actually did both. My pantoum made its way around the room, so we’ll see what people think…

I added all of these to the poetry work bench page, as well as mucked around with it [a lot]. I’ve decided to do the Google docs deal, at least for poetry now, and have thusly converted all my poetry to that, and added the iFrames to the posts. It looks ~brilliant~. But if you’re lazy, here’s the new stuff (which has been for class)

Lift Off
How high in the sky can your little wings fly?

Crickle, Crackle
Crickle, crackle, I flare up in the night

Sick Day
The stars begin to exit just as you leave

Do you feel it now? The lick of the wind

Twilight Rain
Kiss me in the falling rain

So I heard Superman’s going bankrupt
So, I heard you could fly

Another thing – I changed all of the “summaries” to the first lines of the poem. The summaries were dumb… except a few, which I ended up keeping. :P
Urgh. I have to write a free verse poem in the style of Frank O’Hara for next time. URGH I tell you, URGH.

Oct 22

Google Docs

So, I’ve always had an issue with uploading my stuff online. I end up with multiple versions across multiple sites and it bugs me majorly. I’ve tried remote hosting stuff on like, LiveJournal but that never worked out great.


So, I’ve got something new here I want to try. Can I get some feedback on what people think of it? To test, here’s two pieces that I have written for classes:


Lift Off (a poem)

The Importance of Vacuuming (a story)


My issue is that, at least with the story, the linewraps aren’t within the style. -____-;; so you have to scroll for every line.


Suggestions would be welcome :)

May 09

I still can’t decide

…if I should do Linguistics or Creative Writing. It’s far too hard. ;_; I love them both. I suppose I’ll figure it out next semester, when I’m taking the 300-level courses for both. Ahhhh!

Today I did stuff for both tho. :O I had an essay for Linguistics that’s due tomorrow. If by some odd reason, you want to read it, you can here.

But for Creative Writing… well, I’ve been doing some thinking.

Remember my FAIL (notice the caps) attempt at coming up with a sequel story for Ryan and Brandon, and how it just WASN’T working? Well, I may have solved it: I’m not gonna pressure myself into making it a story. I seem to have problems with *stories*, but not so much *short* stories. Sooo… it’s just gonna be a bunch of short stories.

It’s been retitled too, from “A Creepy Anthology” to “Those Awkward Moments” as I feel that fits it better. The four chapters from ACA were freshened up a bit, and inducted into TAM. And the one two-parter that took me a year and a half to write? Well, I combined them together. :P So you have the full story of Justin, all in one. Oh yeah, go me.

AND (yes, that’s not all!) I also wrote a new one for it, to commemorate the change. Actually, it’s what prompted the change, and you’ll see the reasoning behind the name in this story, but I thought it was ~aww~ and so I had to write it. When the inspiration comes, it comes, ya know? You can see the new portal for TAM here. The new one is the first one – it’s actually a DIRECT sequel off of Just Creepy, and happens like, 30 seconds later. =O

And I also ~finally~ added two stories that I’ve had done for ~ages~ and just never posted.

Just Beyond Your Sight is a het (!) gooey-gooey story that I actually wrote for class. See it for more details.

Airplane House is a little unique project. The idea came from something Caleb (this guy in my class who is beyond awesome – amazing poet, too. If you’re nice, I’ll link you to his stuff) kinda said off-handedly. But I think it turned out pretty good. It’s a little macabre, and not as fluffy as most of my recent stuff tends to be, but it’s a cool piece.

And it got much fanfare when I posted it on Facebook. Huh.

I think that’s it for now. *yawn

Feb 28

Only a year late

I swear, every day Priscilla makes some crude comment about how I never finished my Valentine’s challenge from last year.


IN YOUR FACE, I wrote another chapter.

So, you can find A Creepy Anthology here. See the Chapter 4? Yeah, that’s right. In your face.

Maybe we’ll see a chapter 5 someday. :O I need to bring back the creepy tho. It’s too sappy.

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