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Jun 29

Two new stories

I’ve added two short little pieces to the Short Stories page.


One is titled Death of a Pumpkin and is about exactly that and is kinda scary.

The other is Gravity, the Air Underneath my Wings is about gravity and is kinda sad.


I also went through and made all the stories that use Google Docs full-screen, so we don’t have the sidebar on there.

Jun 26

Big rearrangement of the blog

So, I once again have rearranged a number of things on the blog.

You’ll notice that “Songfics” is now gone… and merged into “Original Stories” which has been renamed “Short Stories”.

There is a link for Falling/en Leaves, which is my collection of works from the previous fall that I have been tirelessly working on. It’s entirely based out of Google Docs, so now if I make any changes, they will be updated live everywhere.

All of the stories/poems from that set have also been added to the respective story/poem pages, and those pages are also based off of Google Docs. It makes my organization so much easier, and it’s easier to keep up with any changes. +_+

It also looks cool.

More pages will be updated to the wider width at some point too, I think.

Mar 26


The blog is all pretty!


Isn’t it pretty and purple now? :) :) :)


You know you’re jealous of my purple power.

Mar 23

Updates in the red moon world

Hey there. If you’re by chance interested, I’ve been very seriously working on stuff lately. (No joke, really)


Well, for one, I cleaned some stuff up. You’ll notice that the “me” section was consolidated into one page, which also got refreshed. Has current info on it now~ :O

I also got rid of the sandbox… because, well, I know that stuff. ;) That was there so I could remember the One Direction boys. Well, I have no issue with that now. >__> Haha.

The music section will also slowly disappear, as I complete more and more over at aRM Music. Eventually, that should *all* be hosted over there… we’ll see how that goes.

In future news, I am going on Spring Break starting on Wednesday, and I’ve downloaded a lot of books to my Kindle to read when I’m on it. Since I will be spending a lot of time on trains and buses and whatnot, I’ll have plenty of time to read.

And what type of books? Galleys! Remember way back when (like, last year) when I did that review of I Am Tama, Lucky Cat? Well, it’s the same service and I’ve got a number of novels that I’ve got set-up.

- The City’s Son
- The Goddess Test
- Dark Kiss
- I am (not) the Walrus
- Brook Street Fortune Teller
- The Paladin Prophesy
- A Boy and a Bear in a Boat
- Scarlett Dedd
- Burn
- Fitz
- On the Day I Died
- Happy Families
- The Wednesdays
- Zero

They’re a huge mix of genres, so it should be interesting to see what I like of the mix. I sadly can’t post reviews until 2 weeks before their release, so some of these might have to wait to have a review posted until November. Oo; Others I can do as soon as I read them.

So we’ll see

aRM Music

The newest member of the aRM family, it’s something I’ve had on the backburn forever and ever and ever. I never liked having lyrics here – this is supposed to be my blog… but I needed somewhere to put them. Well, with this site… I have it! I’m still in process of building it, but it’s got a pretty good backend, and I’ve done a good amount of content for it.

This is also proving to be my play toy. I’m learning quite a bit. For instance, I learned how to add Facebook comments. How nifty is that? I know, most people don’t care… but I’m learning!

I’m also making it more and more dynamic. Like, for instance, I have a basic news system. :O Nifty, eh? I know. My current project is making a paginated archive for the news. I’ve got the basics… kinda done. But not really.


The other “new” member of the family, it also falls under the DATS family. (Technically, it is a “DATS” site, but meh. DATS is mine and therefore DigiDisc is mine too)

This one is pretty much the same as aRM music, except with a lot less… detail? I dunno. I haven’t all decided what to put in this site. Right now, I’m just working on getting the actual CDs taken care of. Which I’m enlisting the assistance of the people at DATS to help with. Megumi’s done a few and Ryan did… 1. lol.

This is also gonna host downloads at some point. Just gotta get around to downloading and uploading everything. -o-


Nothing’s been happening at DATS, really. It’s just the silly Pages that get any attention. I’m enlisting pawitp to try and integrate DigiDisc with the forum, so we’ll see how well that goes. ;)

Also, today I finally replaced all the XenForo banners with DATS ones. Yay~

The Magykal Network

Still working on the basics… but it’s so pretty. <3 I think I’m going to steal the aRM Music news system once I finish it. It’ll be a good use of it.

I’m also considering, if the site were to get popular at all, to use the DATS forum for it… but I dunno how well that would go over with the DATS crew. :\

Or, with the fansubbing stuff, how that would work… bleh. :( I love XenForo but DATS really doesn’t seem worth it. xxxxxx




See, I’ve been busy. :D

Oct 25

New theme

I decided to change the theme, since the old one got messed up somehow. Fixing it requires doing some insane amount of work (or, at least unzipping a file and uploading it) and I don’t really care enough to bother.

This new one is kinda cool looking anyways, wouldn’t you say? :)

I’ll continue the customization as time goes on… maybe. :) I could totally turn it PURPLE! :D :D :D

ps: So many random options on the post page now. O__o

Mar 19

Blog Updates

Hey, nothing *really* big, but I thought I’d make a few mentions here:

We have the official Twitter button, and I’m going to try and make it more useful. For instance, on the I Am Tama, Lucky Cat, I’ve done it up so that when you tweet, it’ll say
Review of I Am Tama, Lucky Cat by @PeachtreePub via @aredmoon
Instead of just
I Am Tama, Lucky Cat via @aredmoon

And it also suggests to follow them. :) So it’ll hopefully make the aRM Twitter experience more useful! I’ll try and do it for all of the new reviews in the future.

And though it doesn’t matter so much on the front-end, I’ve added the “Jetpack” plug-in, which gives me better stats and whatnot. It also has some other toys, but I dunno what all will be of use here. :S

My current reading isn’t going to be correct, tho. I do plan on starting up Naomi and Ely’s soon, but first I want to read another of my galleys :) They’re pretty cool!

Here’s what I have to read… Let me know what you think I should read first!
Bumped by Megan McCafferty.
Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick by Joe Schreiber.
Mercy by Rebecca Lim.
The Goddess Test by Aimée Carter

It’s spring break so I wanna get at least two of them read! :-D

Feb 07

So, I might have stuff to post soon

o_O So, tonight for class I had to write an anecdote AND a poem.


We’re gonna go over the anecdotes in class tomorrow and get peer feedback, so I’ll wait to post those. However… I did post the poem here.

It’s… bleh. I don’t like poetry. D:

I also changed my currently reading to House on Mango Street. If I ever write a novel, I would like it to be similar in style. I am adoring the style. <3 Could y’all imagine my writing style like that? =D

Sep 25

Gregory Martin Likes This

Gregory likes A quick orgy of links.
Gregory likes Darkeness Approaches.

Oh dear. I’m not so sure I want people seeing what I like.


But I finally added the Facebook Like button. It was long in the coming. Just required me to hit a few extra buttons that I was just too lazy to hit. Oh yeah, rock on me.

Gregory likes Gregory Martin Likes This.

Aug 15

Bye bye Tweetmeme

I like the actual Twitter ones a lot more :-D

Check them out. There’s to the right of the posts. :)

This plug-in also allows me to just have it appear on news posts – not on pages. Which is a HUGE relief, as I no longer have to manually set it. ^_^

Jul 26

Pimping the Blog!

Hah, it’s been forever since I’ve updated the blog again. I seem to do a lot of nothing, then a lot of something!

Today I went through the 155 spam (x_X) and picked out four semi-funny ones, and added them the funny spam list. Apparently, a spam bot’s son went to see Bieber. :-D Oh, and he was arrested.

Guess the post in my previous post is real?! Heh.

Also, brand new theme. Isn’t it amazing? :D

Oh, and I want to thank you spam bots. Because of you, I remembered this post… the story has been updated!!!! :D:D:D!!!

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