Nov 16

Old websites…

Just some old websites that are online again :-D

I don’t think they work, since the code I used to use doesn’t work with PHP5… only 4. :-(

Maybe someday I’ll get the ambition to make them usable again :-)

The Blue Card, a Digimon fansite.
Kree, a website for my irc bot. :p
Guardian Chronicles, a CLAMPish website that Ali did all the work for and I barely ever touched :-/
Broken Dreams, a Takato fansite.
FreeFMA, a Fullmetal Alchemist website.

Not up anywhere right now is PokeVillage and JKaizer.Net, which I should see if I have back-ups of anywhere… I’d like to set them all up on aredmoon.net subdomains, and make them navigatable again, maybe even try and update them a bit. xD Brotherhood is out for FmA, TBC still says Savers is airing in Japan, the OVAs were never mentioned on GC, and I don’t think I ever did much beyond the layout for BD. xD!

Oh, and of course, there are my current ones, and if I get the time, I think I’ll add all of these guys to it. ^^; I hate seeing them die~ :(

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