Mar 20


So, earlier, Jedi_Amara sent me an e-mail saying that she was dropping out of the server.

Well, I guess that doesn’t make a big deal – but it does get me thinking even more seriously about something.

Do I really need a dedicated server anymore?

Initially, it was grabbed basically for fansubbing purposes. Over at DATS, we used it quite a bit. Hell, we still have probably close to 100GB worth of fansub shit on the server. Well, the group is dead. I’m in school, Ryan’s gonna be in school soon… it’s kinda a moot point.

What I basically use the server for, now:
1) This blog / rest of the random stuff on my aRM domain (old websites, etc.)
2) Wikimon
3) Golden Sun Universe
4) DATS forums

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. So I should be theoretically able to drop down to a VPS, or something. Something that won’t cost me at least $55 a month.

I dunno :s Webhosting is so expensive, and I feel like I’m putting out so much and not getting anything in return. I’m only $30 into my next Google Ads… :(

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