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Oct 24

Percy/Nico in House of Hades

So I just finished House of Hades.

Four years ago, I called it.

Percy/Nico OTP 4ever.

I will be updating the LIST soon.


The Cupid scene made my heart break a little lot. I feel so bad for Nico. :( Need some fanfic to mend my heart.

Feb 28

All Time Low

This is a low kick to the nuts.

Since I have started this blog (yes, STARTED) I have had 3,000 more visits to the Percy/Nico page than I have had to the homepage.




Feb 27

Want some Percy/Nico?

Well, I’ve got some. I spent the better part of the night going through, livejournal… trying to catch up on all the Percy/Nico that I’ve missed!

You can view the full update here. =D

I haven’t had a chance to go through pjo_xchange yet, so there are probably MOAR Percy/Nico to add, but that’ll have to wait.

I also want to toss out that Only One Leads to You is my favorite story from the update. I’m a huge fan of the abstract-type of stories, and that just made me squee inside.

And for your reading pleasure, a few Jake/Logan fics. :D

And please, make the author of this story continue! :( Was very interesting read until it ENDED…

Sep 02

Updates to the list (only art)

Sorry, but only art updates this time. But it’s a whole new section! :)

Will try and get fics updated in the next week or so. Life = @_@, at least until Monday…

Click the dancing Neko!Nico to get to the list. Dancing Kitty Nico is from Yoru-Tsukiyomi666.

Neko Nico

And while not Percy/Nico, I found this photo manip pretty cool. The kid reminds me of Freddie Highmore~ never thought of Freddie as a Nico, but it could be doable, I suppose.

Aug 04

Da list… updated!

So it’s only been like, a season since I last updated the list. But nonetheless, it has been done! I added a bunch of new stories, so enjoy them. :)

You can find the list here.

May 26

Two new stories

In our favorite Percy/Nico list :)


May 10

PxN Update

Three new stories added to the list. I need a better way of keeping track of all the stories out there. @_@

Also, from Rick’s twitter:
Thx Toronto for great event! Now off to MN for signing w/ tonight.

I am totally going, so you know. :) Getting a signed copy of Red Pyramid (and gonna hope that maybe he signs my collectors edition of Lighting Thief :)) woo \o/

Apr 12

PJO Lives!

Yes, Percy fandom is still alive. Added a BUNCH of stuff to the list of amazingness.

In other news, the title of the new series has been announced.

Series Title: The Heroes of Olympus

Book One: The Lost Hero


October 12th..


Feb 21

Percy after teh movie

Now we just watch as the numbers roll in and to see if we’re getting the next movie.

Updated the list today.

And uhh, I got claimed in demigod_elite. Added my nifty pic to the Just Me page. Not so happy with it :(

ANDDDDDDDD fic spam which is beyond cute. ♥♥♥♥♥

Feb 14

The movie redeemed itself

So, apparently, there was gonna be a kiss scene in the Percy Jackson movie. You know, that scene at the end where they almost kiss? Apparently, a full kiss was filmed.

It was cut.

The film just got 10000 points.

Anyways, Percy/Nico update! It’s been a couple weeks, and a few things were posted. I only found them thanks to the fact that there is now pjo_slash on livejournal. Woot woot woot! So three fics were found.

I also added a section at the top for LJ communities. :)

So yeah, few the post here. Also, I’ve started to publicly spam percyxnico. (Does that count as a website?)